Saturday, August 27, 2011

The first of Hurricane Irene arrives.

Irene makes her way and of course batteries that had an expiration date of 2012 do not work.

Off to find some and top off the fuel tank in my car I grabbed the camera. Due to closed roads I had to head north.  Gas stations low on fuel allowed me $25.00.  It didn't top the tank but since diesel isn't sold everywhere I was happy to find any at all. 

This restaurant had a sense of humor with a "Good Night Irene" sign.

Rite Aid looked serious

Boarded windows or not the fishery touted fresh seafood.

Sears was pretty empty. So were their supplies of
flashlights, batteries, duct tape or generators.

One thing they did have was particle masks.

Target had no tape

No flashlights and I think I got one of the
last three packs of AA batteries

I picked up some of these microfiber towels.
These are great to have on hand since they dry so fast.
(Later when the boat was being backed in the driveway I used them as traffic flags)

I've never seen so few people at Target's check out lines before.

Across the highway Home Goods also gave their windows a new look.

Ihop went with tape snowflakes for theirs.

This place was a little more color coordinated.

No money today. ATM or otherwise.

Another place with a sense of humor.

The first drops of rain began just as I began snapping away.

Forty five minutes later a downpour broke out.
You can see the water pouring off the trailer fender.

Small bags of ice have been pushed into any available space.

The living room looks like a direct hit filled with stacks of clothes
and bags of supplies if we have to leave.

So come on Irene please make your stay brief.
Be safe all.


gpc said...

Stay safe. Sunny thoughts going your way. Hope there's great shelling when it's all over!

Christina Zima said...

Praying for safety for all during Mother Nature's fury. We grew up in Coastal Florida, so know how you feel about the empty shelves once the storm warning is up. God bless you and keep you, :)

Kathysue said...

This is all so frightening, it looks as if you are prepared, Keep safe, sending prayers your way. Kathysue

La Dolfina said...

Rita this all looks so scary!
I'm sorry I've been MIA.
I will call

a beach house in Montana said...


Lady Grey said...

I hope you and everyone else is ok, and that there wasn't too much damage. Craziness!

(The signs are pretty cute though)


Jo Farmer said...

Hope this message finds you safe and things getting back to normal.
God bless

Jo x
Eliza Interiors & Design

sealaura said...

WOW, you have documented this very well. Hope you did not suffer too much damage. keeping you in our thoughts.
hugs and BE SAFE!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita---as we were evacuated from my little barrier island,and I took a last farewell look at Sandy Hook Light far to my south west... I thought of you and wondered how you were...hope Irene missed you like she missed us here in NY.

robin (lavender hearts!) at gone to the beach (etsy & blog)

Burlap Luxe said...

Will wait to hear from you Rita!
Oh girl I wish I lived colse enough to offer you a bedroom to stay and wait out the storm, hope the aftermath of this storm finds you safe and sound, no damage to your area I hope and pray!

Lots of love dear one.

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