Wednesday, September 28, 2011

White Clay Tags, Ornaments and Wedding Favors: Beachy | Shabby | French | Rustic

White clay ornaments and gift tags are my new passion.  I've stamped on just about everything else; silverware, paper, fabric, wood, canvas, linens to leather and then some...

I adored Play-Doh(tm) as a child.

I have been wanting to work with "metal clay" for some time.
 A kiln is not in the budget.

Pottery class isn't in the near future either.

I did have a "pottery clay" date with a friend last week.
I had mentioned my tags to her and she invited
me over to play.  It was so much fun. I can't
wait to see how they look after she takes them
to be fired in the kiln.

This is not kiln fired clay.
I like it a real lot though.

This starfish would make a nice wedding favor.
It's pretty big.  You can write on it with a felt tip marker.

So would these hearts.

I like a more organic, shabby, rustic, imperfect look so my tags vary
in thickness, texture and aren't always perfectly flat.
I will make some more uniform in the future.

These are shaped to hang on the curve of a bottle.

I named these "torn page" tags like a torn love letter or
page ripped from a book.  So far they have received a lot
of comments how unique they are.

Of course, the torn page starfish and seahorses are the favorites.
I have at least 30 different styles of tags / ornaments in the works..
and my DB dearly beloved is once again supportive.

 Compasses for your holiday tree?

Some will be stamped with ink like I used to do more often in the past on paper and fabric.
(don't be surprised if you see that revived)

I think DB was a little worried when I asked where that big huge roll of canvas was as well as the old barn wood we have hanging around while sorting paint brushes, tubes of acrylic paint and rubber stamps.
(yes, Dore the barn wood is still here) 

I can't imagine where my old painting palette went.
New ones just don't look as cool.

I hope to expand with more items.
Been talking about it for so long and done absolutely nothing!

Some styles are already posted in my Etsy shop.

Would love to hear your thoughts.


Completely Coastal said...

These are absolutely beautiful! I have no idea how you make them, but they're all gorgeous as is. These are not fired, I take it.

Privet and Holly said...

I really love all of these!
You did a beautiful job;
it would be hard for me
to pick a favorite!
Have fun with them!
xx Suzanne
PS Good that DB is supportive!

beachside cottage Linda said...

Perfect, perfect and lovely!

What a beautiful addition to any gift---

Best Wishes,

beachside cottage

Sea Angels said...

Why fire it if you can make it look as beautiful as you have, they are really gorgeous.
Lynn xxx

Ann said...

They all look so lovely and very precious.

Love the whimsy and beachy feel in all of them ♥

michelle said...

These are so pretty! I love the "torn" tag, that is such a great idea.
Have a great weekend!

Roselie said...

I LOVE these! especially the compass ones, they are so inovative!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Fabulous. This is just what I need to calm me down after my BLOGGER CRASH! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment; you are all so supportive! ANd I just love the beach theme any time of the year, Anita

Heaven's Walk said...

Ok....LUVING the torn paper tags! That was a clever idea!!!! :)

xoxo laurie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Rita
Well I always love everything you do. but today's favourite is the 'Torn Pages'... brilliant.. love it!!

have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

Julie@beingRUBY said...


You'll either get three comments or just this one.. Blogger ate them.. again!!

Well your pretty 'torn pages' are my favourites today!! brilliant!!

Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

Serendipitous Home said...


Oh I love every single one of your lovely lovely tags and one day (one day) when I'm a bride I will definitely be using your tags! They are simply gorgeous!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my kitchen.
The chairs, oh my goodness I can't believe it but I can't find them either. I took the tags off too and I can't recall if they were the Henriksdal line. We will be going to Ikea soon and I will see if they are still there. I'm bummed if they are not as I would have like to buy a few more for our dining room.

Melissah from Coastal Syle said...

These are just beautiful - they make gift giving that so much for special. I can see they would work very well in our house with our summer beachy Christmas theme!

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Rita! "ASCP" refers to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. :)

xoxo laurie

Susan @ Real Girl Designs said...

Wow! I love the seahorse clay tags! They are all beautiful!

An Island Mom said...

Just loving the torn pages tags, but they are all beautiful!

MS1 said...

do you sell these, if so where can I get them? Thank you

Unknown said...

Great wedding collections! I was also thinking to arrange everything with the help of wedding planners and make my day special. Do you know any wedding planners? Please help!!

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