Thursday, February 25, 2010

Petsmart Sunday with Sunday, a beautiful Sun Conure

This past Sunday was Petsmart day for dog food; the canine brood stayed home.  Our canine children usually stroll in like yes, that's right we're here, aren't we pretty where are the biscuits, and okay if you must, pet me go ahead but, don't take up too much of our time others are waiting to oohh and aahh over us, while tossing me a look of, see these other people aren't telling us sit, stay or no.  What, is wrong with you?

My DB (dearly beloved) mentioned a comical bird he saw during his last visit.  He mentions them now and again; which I'm thinking is his way of letting me know one of these days... I sauntered over to the bird cages and inquired about the personality of the bird my DB described.  That could be Oscar. 

Oscar pecked at the window, danced around, and rolled over his toys. Oscar either likes you or he doesn't.  My index mouse clicking finger (heaven forbid it get injured) endured several hard pinches from his beak. Oscar, definitely didn't like me.

Maybe, he meant the other bird Jen Jen, a Jenday Conure.

Jen Jen was a riot running up and down my arm, pecking at the zipper pull on my jacket and ended up tangling  himself in my hair as he was going for my earrings.  Back in his cage he bobbed up and down and left to right, swung on his perches, squealed and squawked.  Looking right at me until I went to take his picture.

Well there is one more bird in the back named Sunday that was in front until Oscar arrived.  He was put in the back so we can keep him from getting too bonded with Jen Jen.

I was immediately taken by Sunday's bright colors, and happy looking face.  He jumped right onto my finger and, as I rotated them he continued to step up like walking up stairs. 

Sunday cocked his head as if he understood every word I said.  He ran up and down my arms and let me rub his stomach.  He was such a gentleman he even let me know he needed to relieve himself. Thank goodness. 
The Petsmart staff said he was quite smart and would likely be easy to train to do tricks.  Sunday knows when things are missing like pens and paper that are normally found in the staff's shirt pockets.

I don't have any experience to speak of concerning birds but, Sunday was a freindly and delightful bird.  I really wanted to take him home. 


La Dolfina said...

Hi Rita,
Just wanted to let you know that my post today is dedicated to you and your dearly beloved!!!

La Dolfina said...

Thanks for the feedback from DB and of course I agree that it's "OK to have lots of boat stuff!!!"

the old boathouse said...

So delightful, no wonder you wanted him to come home! thanks for dropping by, cheers Katherine

Jennifer said...

I have two adopted birds, an amazon and a sun conure. As much as I enjoy them, both came from bad situations and it has been very hard to bring them around and make them trusting and happy. Over time I have come to hate the bird pet trade. So many people who are not equipped or committed long term are intrigued enough by these beautiful birds to buy them - but quickly tire of the work involved in their care. The birds, at the very least, wind up ignored, improperly fed, and spend YEARS covered up to keep them quiet. It's very sad, and by the time the people have the sense to give them away, they are often damaged mentally by neglectful treatment. Often they give them to whoever, and the birds are bounced from home to home, which is very sad for a creature that bonds for life.

Birds are not for everyone, and I wish more people would do the research involved in how to care for them, what kind of time/commitment is involved, before buying one. Most of the impulse buys of birds are through pet stores, like Petsmart. People go in for dog food, and leave with a bird, with no idea what they are in for. These are the birds that wind up in rescues.

I am not saying you are one of these people, just trying to educate others before more of these intelligent and sensitive and noisy and demanding creatures wind up in bad situations. Birds make wonderful pets, as long as you are ready to give them what they need...nutritious food, vet care yearly (bird vets are very expensive), and LOTS of attention, at least a few hours a day outside of the cage and interacting with their humans. I love my birds, in spite of how dysfunctional backgrounds, but they are very demanding, it is like having a toddler that never grows up!

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