Monday, February 1, 2010

Flowers grown by imagination.

On gray day last winter I was missing seeing the budding bloom in our garden.  The result was this flower made of some vintage silk, organza and a pearl and rhinestone button; both had been part of my life for longer then I care to disclose.

It reminded me of a faded bloom.  It was named the wedding dress flower, placed in box and there it stayed.

Then one day I made two more. 
My DB said "Oh, those are nice what are you going to do with them?""I don't know." I replied. "They take me so long to make; about three hours a flower." (Obviously, I am pretty slow at this)  I obsess with the colors, type of fabric, the layers. 

Each layer is individually ruffled by sewing. 
"Why don't you show them around and see what kind of response you get?" my DB asked. Of course, my mother thought they were lovely.  She is after all, supposed to say that.

More blooms were made; and added to the box.
This is where all of you come in.  

I'm wondering if they are appealing  the right style, the right size the right colors....Would you wear one on a jacket, hat, scarf, purse, put in bowl, decorate a memo board, pin to a ribbon and put on a door knob? 

How can I improve them?

Yesterday, I wore the first one out as a test run.  One person asked if it came with my camel colored coat.

My favorite below.
  denim jacket Anthropologie

Thank you all for your help. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

If you think you would like to try and make your own let me know.  I will try to write up a tutorial.


Lamp Tramp said...

I ABSOLUTELY love them. all. especially your favorite one. I wish I had one right now to wear. would love the tutorial. Enjoyed reading all your posts. Lilly was a beautiful girl, I'm so sorry she is gone. One of my granddogs is a long haired dachsund, he lives with me on and off. He is a sweetheart!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I think these are fabulous! I love the fabrics and colors- I really love how you mixed them with buttons and jewelry! It would be fun to have different sizes so you could cluster a few on an item- these are really creative and just lovely! Can't wait to see where you go with this idea!

Joni said...

I think they are great.

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