Sunday, January 31, 2010

All bottled up. New Finds of the week

Every once in awhile I get the chance to go to an auction.  It is so interesting to watch what dealers and other buyers gravitate to. 

I've have been wanting to find more aqua bottles to put in our garden window along with little milk bottles. 

Much to my surprise there were two boxes of lovely vintage and antique bottles at the auction.   Lots of people looked at them but only a few placed bids.  Guess who won?

I'd like to embellish some with vintage findings, crystals and others like a little beach in a bottle.

Some of them are 100 years old  made of hand blown glass.
There are few with pearlized areas but, I don't know what caused it.
Cobalt Milk of Magnesia and Bromo Seltzer

The aqua bottle in this picture is an old rounded bottom soda bottle.
The fluted ones say Julep on them.

Antique handblown ink bottle.

Box of vintage postcards and interesting items.

Gotta love that "for Ladies over 30" Special Party

Annual Insurance Premium for $7.75.  Don't we all wish?

Two old wood boxes in need of refurbishment. 
The smaller one had tools in it. 

My DB wanted this box of interesting items.

This is one of the items inside; an old envelope sealer that weights a lot. 
Apparently this should have a roller inside the well and a lid. 

He also spied this old pulley.  Vintage industrial kitchen item???

A box of old spools, and little jar of buttons.

The End!.

If anyone has any experience for cleaning out the old bottles I'd appreciate any tips.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Wonderful finds! Love the colors on the old bottles!!

Simple Daisy said...

What fabulous finds:)
Love those old bottles~

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