Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun little finds and a bucket of paint brushes

Lace, buttons, and old sewing spools that still have wool on them. Two old dentist pans with dirt at no charge for our vintage dental cabinet. A perfect replacement for a silver plate serving piece that went missing in action.

More silver plate. 

A small barrel of paint brushes and paint.

It seems like a lifetime ago where I spent hours in art supply stores. I would save my pennies and later devote part of my paychecks to purchase supplies.  Some of which are still around and stored someplace.

If I start up again I'm pretty well prepared at greatly reduced prices or I can use them in a flower frog display.

Or a vintage silver plated tea pot that is missing its lid.

Is there a craft or hobby that you enjoyed doing and for whatever reason don't anymore?


La Dolfina said...

I love all your finds!!
I wish I were more hands on with projects. I tend to hold myself back because of my perfectionist Virgo nature:(

Simple Daisy said...

Ooh..what fun finds:)
I love hands on projects!! They make me super happy~

Joni said...

I love to paint. I have plenty of brushes, paints and even canvas. It crosses my mind frequently to paint but then I never do. I have a few paintings I started a couple of years ago that I have hanging in my studio. I am hoping one day that it will inspire me to start again.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I looovveee the flower frog to hold the paintbrushes! I may have to "borrow" that idea for my markers and fancy pens. :-) As you now I've embraced sewing so I'm still in a bit of a honeymoon period. I'm already finding it hard to carve out the time to do/get better at it, so I'm hopeful to spend more time working on it in 2010.

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