Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vintage Industrial Decor and Lab Glass

Posting on this blog has made it more apparent the list of things I like is pretty long.  One of them, is industrial and lab decor.  It shares decades old fondness with shades of white and the time worn.  Maybe, what makes them all so appealing is how different they can be or are.

978_1547belgian-iron-floor-cage-pendant-1900s2 Cage floor lamp Modern 50

The industrial part is likely due to the numerous hours I would spend in my father’s garage/work shop. I liked his old wood tool boxes, dolly’s, shelves, cabinets with all sorts of drawers of treasures,  jars and bottles of tidbits, oil cans, clamps, pulleys, work lights, metal stools, chains, gears, funnels, welding masks, pot belly stoves, plum bobs, survey equipment, table saws, corbels, oak planking, boat parts…..You name it.  The garage was also where we would end up talking.  Today, his garage is much smaller but, we still talk there and he still calls it “my office”.

modern 50 1507_french-boatmans-longbox-primitive3 Vintage tool box Modern 50
modern 50 1480_industrial-zinc-firewood-holders-6Vintage zinc dough buckets turned log holders Modern 50
modern 50 1495_metal-industrial-cabinet-comparments2Vintage cabinet Modern 50
Factory 20 603_1042belgian-clothiers-work-bench-industrial4 Vintage Belgian clothier work station Factory 20

Which leads me to our kitchen.  It pretty much looks the same as the day we moved in except for a new dishwasher and the counters have been decorated with a microwave and a coffee pot.
Copy of House 012

Copy of House 011

  Not shown: opposite the sink is a built in desk .  On the other side of the cook top is a bar stool height counter.  Next to the refrigerator is a small pantry closet.  Then there is the brick.  The arch part is kind of neat.  Why, couldn’t it have stopped there?  The brick is on the walls and backsplash too.

A remodel is not in the budget and thankfully we aren’t in need of appliances.  First, I’m thinking instead of fighting the brick work with it, maybe white wash it, refinish the wood cabinets and add some industrial elements. 

Like this vintage metal chair for the desk from Get Back.
blue ocean traders draftsman%20stool%20photo%202
Or these stools from this cool vendor Blue Ocean Traders 

Love this vintage table base from Get Back and the loft style showroom it’s in.  Notice the brick is whitewashed.
8260 Peddlers potato basket
8225-Gym-Basket by PEDDLERS
Reproduction potato and gym locker baskets by Peddlers another vendor’s  booth we like to stop at.

9375 wire fluted pendant lamp peddlers
7205 large metal fan lamp peddlers
7201-Glass-Cone-Hanging-Lam Peddlers Fluted wire, metal  and glass funnel pendant lamps by Peddlers

kitchen tune up stainless_steel_header

stainless living gallery-r13lg
Install professional 12 to 14 gauge stainless counter tops.  They look so neat and clean.
The bonus recyclable when the infatuation has faded.

Soapstone hgtv
Or maybe soapstone

blue ocean traders reproduction bottle%20holdersReproduction bottle rack Blue Ocean Traders

getback100_7338-29m Vintage foundry gear Get Back

Factory 20 814_wiremeshsteelindustrialcan--002 Vintage wire mesh steel can Factory 20

82828 Barreveld zinc finished zig zag hooks
Reproduction accordion rack Barreveld
9218 peddlers 9214 round card rack Reproduction memo racks

759_1253french-blacksmith-iron-pot-hanger2 Vintage pot rack Modern 50

820_1310vintage-lab-glass-apothecary-science1 Vintage beakers and bottle Modern 50

Lab glass affection started with a grade school science project. To add to my beaker and lab glass collection that I use for  flower vases, sorting beads, to holding small collections of this and that; test tubes to hold spices and florence flasks for olive oil, vinegars, water or ….

indigo test tubes in rack
572 indgo lab supply florence flasks
Indigo supply

Stainless canisters for coffee, dog biscuits, pasta…
Lab Safety Supply Stainless-Steel-Containers-LSS-_i_LB30459_01 Lab Safety SUpply Stainless-Steel-Biological-Transfer-LSS-_i_LBM94861Z
Stainless by Lab Safety Supply

I’ve also picked out a few things for some other rooms but that is for next time….

Thank you all for being so kind and patient looking at all these photos.  Do you think this can work as a modest update to our kitchen?  Please leave as many suggestions and comments as you care to write.  I’ve got some budgeting and convincing to do.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I LOVE your ideas- this project looks like a lot of fun! I like the idea of working with the brick wall (we actually have almost the same arched wall at the lake!)- I think it gives architectural detail and can give an industrial loft look. The whitewashing idea- works well with industrial and stainless steel. How are you planning to re-do the cabinets? Paint is an inexpensive solution- maybe remove the arch over the sink? I have even seen thin wood panels added over the cabinets fronts and finished out to change the style. I like the hardware ideas you showed, too! Can't wait to see where your plans go!

Simple Daisy said...

I don't know if it counts...but I collect vintage metal fans!! I love the industrial but simple look of them!!
Great gave a number of new ideas!

Beach House Living said...
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Beach House Living said...

Linda...I'm not sure about the cabinets yet. They are solid wood so my original thought was to strip them.

Simple daisy: Of course they count! Your right the counter can use one. We just added a cool frosty blue vintage fan for a bedroom she is very noisy! Our 2 others are reproductions.

Thank you both.

{northern cottage} said...

those are some gorgeous images - I just adore the mix of metal & glass, etc. Stunning!

Margo said...

Hello, We remodeled our kitchen for around 5k.
We installed granite tiles directly over our formica counter tops. I tiled a backsplash, painted the cabinets, and gave them new doors. We also added some trim around the existing cabient boxes. We did not redo the floor but that was the only surface we didn't touch. I think you can do it, just be creative and patient to find what you need. as you have been with your pictures. I don't know how expensive it is, but I like the idea of covering your existing formica counter tops with the stainless steel. Or maybe a slate colored tile or stone.

Can't wait to see your progress.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas! good luck with these wonderful ideas!

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