Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Lifetime of Hat Affairs. In search of the perfect hat. Design Spotlight Anya Caliendo Couture Milliner

It all started with a simple engineers hat when I was two years old.    I was so enamored I refused to take my hats off and, all hell would break loose if my parent's tried.  They literally had to hold my hats over my head to wash my hair.  No joke.

I loved going to Church because many "ladies" still wore hats.
Unfortunately, I think my mother wished she could have duct taped 
my mouth shut with my never ending commentary and exclamation.
You know, like "Mom, Mom, look Mom.  Why don't you get a
hat like that one?  Can you see it Mom?  The lady over there...."

Christmas was pretty bad but, Easter; Easter was the worst.

A Christmas hat from my sister many many years ago.
In near mint condition. I'm not really a red fan unless it's just the right shade.
Easter bonnets were my favorites.
Sales women were happy to oblige placing grown up hats on my head.
It let my mother shop for her own with less interruption.

My new hat's had to be modeled for everyone.
Complete with my new gloves on so the hat didn't get dirty.
 The gloves were another story. I have a lot of those too.

I had hoped someday to look as chic as the people in the movies.

Not a chance.  Then, or now.

My adoration of hats subsided as I grew older.
When I started wearing them again.  It became an inquisition
of what hat would I be wearing to such and such event or meeting.

One of the hat's I no longer wear but have held onto.

Wedding invitations with special notes....
"You are wearing a hat to my wedding aren't you?"

When my wearing of hats subsided once again.
I packed up a handful and gave away the rest.

Then out of the blue a few years ago, I started wearing them now 
and again. Before I knew it, a new collection was beginning to grow.
Including some vintage hats.

Nautical flair; of course.
Jackie O style in white straw

Before I continue to bore you with more of my poorly 
photographed collection, let me introduce you 
to a most wonderful Milliner, Anya Caliendo

I found Anya via A Gift Wrapped Life and find myself 
smiling at the screen recalling the days of my church antics 
and hat shopping with my mother.

Anya is one of the few keeping the fine art of Millinery alive.


Her hats are made by hand and have been purchased by women
as far as France, Russia and Australia to name a few.

A quote by Coco Chanel adorns the windows of
Anya's New York Couture Atelier

"I consider a woman undressed 
if she does not wear perfume, gloves and a hat"

Recently Anya announced a giveaway of one of her
 gloriously colored summer fedoras.

It is no surprise, I was head over heels for the turquoise.

Yet, the pink has me totally smitten.  Like in Bermuda beaches pink.

Anya likes wearing hers with jeans for running errands.
I think it's perfect to wear while having a glass of wine dockside.

I liked it so much I've put it on a wish list for an upcoming occasion. 

You can visit Anya at her Atelier in New York state.
or view her collections online
Do take a moment for a lovely virtual tour here.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Funny your poster about hats too because I did this morning for Pink Saturday! check it out if you get a chance at

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW. This was magnificent in every way...your photos, your story, the subject, and the hope that one day people here will wear hats again with pride! I had gone to France thinking that I would fit in wearing a chance. In Nice, it was very hot, and while wanting to protect my skin, I wore a black hat, much like the one Audrey is wearing in this photo. Everyone kept staring at me. One young kid even flicked my hat with his finger! I walked into a millinary shop and asked the lady why people would be staring at me...she said that NO ONE wore a hat anymore, UNLESS you were part of a wedding party! That made sense, because that very day, I had walked by a church and there was a wedding. One of the ushers asked me to enter the church, seeing that I was wearing a hat! I still wear them here, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS. There are too many lovely ones to miss out on. And I thank you for coming to visit me today!!! One must keep imagination alive by dreaming! Happy weekend, Anita

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I am a long time lover of Hats as well.I put hats on all 3 of my Girls and to this day they all love them as well.I even found a few fun hats for new Grandson.

I missed out on green medicine bottles, I'm so sad!

Thanks for all the sweet comments and all your visits.I enjoy them! ~Cheers Kim

Cashon&Co said...

ohhh, these are wonderful. just lovely! i'm forwarding to my mom who is a hat lover and wears them alot. That image where they are all on the mannequin heads on the table is striking.

rjerdee said...

What a delightful hat affair! I'm into beach hats galore, love 'em and wear 'em!

Lady Grey said...

I'm a big hat lover as well.... only wish I looked better in them!
These hats are spectacular!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Such a fun post~ such fun eye candy! Just love them all! said...

i love that pink one.

Arabella said...

What a wonderful post! As a young girl I loved wearing my mother's hats...I still love them today. Great post!

Have a great week :o)

Marie@ Sally Lee by the Sea
"Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle"

VS said...

Now you have me wanting to wear hats everyday too! I never heard the quote of Coco's, but I love it! I am headed over to Anya's right nowto check out her designs...thanks for such a great post friend.

S and O said...

wow all of those hats are so elegant!
I have more than a few favorites here :) like that gorgeous pink one with the fish net overlay and that stunning red one and that beautiful ivory hattie with the bow -- and...and, well I guess I'll just take one of each!! they are all so gorgeous :)


p.s. you are very welcome for the award!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Sadly I only wear baseball caps (for sun protection)..., and am convinced that I look silly in ALL hats, haha.

Hope you can save that wooden deck hatch!!

Burlap Luxe said...

Oooooh! my what a wonderful hat collection, I put bonnets on y daughter till she out grew the age to wear them, Then moved onto hats, sea worthy of course, she was the little sailor of the town, She now funks it up with them like the youth of her peers. I guess we never out grow that perfect hat.

Love your church story, I would point out shoes to my Mom in Church :)

Love you girl.
How is work you little mermaid of your sea!!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I love the pink fedora too! So cute! When you get one I want to see it on you. :) Hats always look great on little people. By the way, YOU MADE YOUR PARENTS HOLD A HAT OVER YOUR HEAD WHILE THEY WASHED YOUR HAIR? You little

La Dolfina said...

I'm giggling out loud... you are the best!!! I can just picture you indulging your hat obsession through the years :) That's why I love you...
Great post, memories, and images. Love it all!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so very much for the intorduction and beautiful post. :-))) I love you collection of hats with the cream hat with a bow beaing my favorite. My Mother used to say that Style comes with age and to me hats are THE style itself.:-) Thank you, once again, darling!
I am so very sorry for being absent for a while and being such a terrible Blog friend. Past few weeks were simply crazy between racing to Texas to get fabrics for upcoming collection, renovation of my house and day to day things in Atelier. It feels so wonderful to have a moment to visit my favorite Blogs and read fabulous posts just like this one. Have a very beautiful the rest of the week. :-)

Kathysue said...

I smiled through this whole post. I remember my Mom wearing hats and I wore them on Easter as a child with the gloves matching purse and shoes. I have one of my Mom's hats all covered in glorious colored pheasant feathers but the most precious hat I have of hers is her wedding hat in 1948, brown wool felt,too cute for words. Great post!! Kathysue

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