Thursday, November 4, 2010

Smitten with knitten. The Ruby Needle

Winter knits from The Ruby Needle on Etsy.

This photo with boats in the background confirmed I needed one of these.
So I wrote to Beth asking if she wouldn't mind making a special cowl for me
in gray 100% merino wool.  Beth was absolutely wonderful about sending
information on different shades and types of yarn.

My cowl arrived last Saturday.
I tore into the package while sitting in the car with the abandon of a toddler
and squealed and grinned like one too as I slipped it on.
It was so cozy I wore it all day, and I mean all day. 
Even after I put on my pj's.

I had no clue what I missing.
Thank you Beth I love it.


Beth said...

Hi Rita, Thank you so very much for highlighting my shop! I am so happy that you love your cowl!!! It was a pleasure to make it for you! xoxo Beth

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

It's gorgeous! The color right up my alley..., and I always want to be cozy around my neck.

Unknown said...

I love it!! Okay, now I want one...Christmas for me, again...:)

Sea Angels said...

It looks so fabulous and I just adore the colour no wonder your pleased I'm going to head over there now .....
Hugs Lynn xxx

Sanity Fair said...

It's so cute!!! And I'll bet it's cozy. I have a fur one and its scrumptious - definitely all day wear :)

InMyOwnStyle said... I love how you paired the nubbly scarf with the jean jacket. - So chic.

My best- Diane

Julie@beingRUBY said...

The boats will do it to you every time!! hehe
It looks fabulous and cozy.. and the perfect colour!! It wouldn't even be handy here in the miserable spring weather we are having..

Thanks so much for your kind comment... I must look into it.. I know I'm a little tardy with visits these days too as my internet is still not my friend!! haha.. Have a lovely weekend Rita.. ciao xxx Julie

Simple Daisy said...

Ooh it's so cute!! And with our first snowfall that just happened I might to get one of those to keep my cozy and warm:)

Leo said...

Love the cowel. And the color is great.

rjerdee said...

What a great idea for windy days on the sea!!!

Heaven's Walk said...

Awesome! I'm adding it to my Christmas list right now! lol!

xoxo laurie

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

LOVE it, Rita! I think I would like it so much more than a long scarf!

Lara said...

I'd do a happy dance over that cowl myself!! Thanks for the comment and laugh about shrinking sweaters on votive holders~ you have me thinking about trying that. ;)

Kathysue said...

Hi Rita, I just read your comment on my post this morning!First thank you so much for stopping by and saying Hi!! Love to see you there.Second what a great idea you had. I hope you show us after you finish them. I am very interested in this idea, Kathysue

Arabella said...

What a wonderful idea - it's so chic too!

sealaura said...

i love it! and you know grey is also my color. heading over there right now, to peek at her shop.

happy tuesday.

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