Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seahorse and Starfish special edition silverware gift tags garden markers

Last week I was commissioned to craft a unique hand stamped vintage silver plated spoon. 
Wondering what other sea life might be manageable resulted in this "seahorse" design.

Over 160 hammer strikes.  I lost count after that.


This inspired some new
nautical colored sea life gift tags.

Golden seahorses on navy blue.

Much easier to do with my handy tag cutter.
Each tag is cut one at time.

Our dachshund, Noelle is not a fan of the sound the cutter makes.
Molly, the other dachshund is in complete oblivion.

New compass tags too.

I have been so pleasantly surprised by the encouragement
and support from so many of you.

From little notes or shopping with me (some more then once)
to lovely mentions on your blogs.

 Photo courtesy of Pretties and Posies

I thought this custom order looked darling. The buyer will be
giving these to her neighbors with basil plants in small white pots.
for Mother's Day

 A little personalized thank you.

This one is serving spoon size; big.

That has been inspiring to see how a second generation of
the "free form starfish" might look

and this "ship ahoy and anchor" motif

and last but not least, another "beach"

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about
the new designs. Yeah or Nay.
Thank you everyone.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vintage Robin Hood beach bicycle. Nostalgia wins

I smiled as I rang the true vintage bicycle bell.  Shaking off childhood memories, I kept walking to see what other finds the auctioneer might have going on up the block. 

When it became "her" turn the assistant presented her in such a way the small tip of chrome on the front fender gleamed where it had not yet rusted.  "Very collectible folks.  Made in England."

Bikes aren't made like this one anymore.

That's when it hit me. That little piece of chrome reminded me of the bicycle my eldest sister had when we were kids.  Her's was a gorgeous slightly metallic dark blue green, made in England that she won in a holiday card selling contest held by where we went to school.  She looked quite chic riding it home the first time in her school uniform.  I will never forget the smile on her face.

 The auctioneer's voice sounded far off in the distance when my subconscious mind decided I had to have Ms. Robin Hood.  My heart began to race and a lump formed in my throat.  If I win I'll ride in her in honor of my "best sister" as we were known to call each other.  Images of her turning around and asking if I was okay when I used to try to keep with her during our bicycling together flashed through my brain.  She often had to stop and wait for me.

Holding up the number seven (7) bidders card which I had commented might bring luck when it was handed to me during registration I felt my sister was with me in spirit....There was no way Ms. Robin Hood wasn't going home with me as long as she had anything to say about it.  I just knew it.

"Number 7 thank you"

Tears welled up in my eyes as I stepped up, 
grasped the handle bars and wheeled away my prize.
That, and for some inexplicable reason felt the need to explain why I bid.

"It reminds me of my sister's bike when we were kids.
She passed some time ago.  She was only 27."

A few other attendees went awwww and the assistant said
"There you go; it was meant to be"

My dearly beloved couldn't believe it since I have only ridden my "new" bike 4-6 times in over a decade of owning it. Actually, neither do I.

While some of you may be participating in the cycling challenge with Sande from A Gift Wrapped Life,

I will be riding with my sister when I'm feeling up to it.

Happily ringing "our" American flagged old fashioned bell.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A tea for two giveaway by La Dolfina

My west coast counterpart, Terri of LaDolfina is hosting her first giveaway. To all those that enjoy a steaming hot cup of tea or know someone who does pay a visit to her blog to enter.

Some of you might remember this post regarding Terri's incredible gift of finding things from the unusual to the stunning.

 Tea Forte's cafe cup is not only simple in design.
It is simply wonderful. 
The lid keeps your tea piping hot during the brewing process.

Forte's silken infusers are like little works of nature.
I love the little leaf that rests outside the lid, charming.
Included in the give away are two ceramic infuser holders.

Plus two of this oval maple wooden trays.

The Giveaway will include 2 sets of maple serving trays, 
2 cafe cups with lids (boxed), 
2 ceramic tea trays 
and 11 silken tea infusers in the following brews

2~ a refreshing herbal tea (caffeine free)
2~ bergamot infused black tea (contains caffeine)
3~ currant infused black tea (contains caffeine)
2~ green tea with flowers (low in caffeine)
2~ a soothing herbal tea (caffeine free)

Sounds perfect.

While your there peruse around her posts and
you will see what I mean about her treasure hunting and
places she manages to find.

Good luck everyone.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gorgeous floral creations crafted in cold porcelain by Vala of Parsi

This small white rose in a sea urchin vase led me to discover Vala's  beautiful world of flowers crafted in cold porcelain clay.  If you would like year round blooms or a wedding bouquet to last for years this is the artist to visit.

The urchin itself is not porcelain, it merely serves as a little vase.

How she captures these carnations is really something. 
Vala's flower petals exude the translucence of real flowers since
cold porcelain has a more natural appearance then other polymer
clays or the porcelain we are used to seeing.

If you decide on fresh flowers for your wedding but would like an
everlasting bouquet or simply must have flowers year round
send Vala a nice clear photo.
She can replicate your arrangement for you.

Yes, replicate since she does not use molds.
A specific detail that sets her work apart.

 Vala also makes these sweet little arrangements in vases.
Precious under a little cloche don't you think?

 I thought the white roses would look stunning in a vintage 
silver plated teapot, mercury glass or white ironstone vase.

The detail of and soft look of this orchid had me taking a
second look.  I'm torn between the white rose or this
orchid in white.

Vala's shop is called Parsi and can be found on Etsy.
Do stop by to get your favorite flowers made so you can
enjoy them year round.

Planning a wedding, or other special event or party?
Stay tuned for some upcoming posts.

The fine yet, required print.  This is not a paid endorsement or advertisement.  I approached Vala asking if she would mind if I wrote a post and used her photos. Sometimes, I see the creations of others, and simply choose to celebrate and share their work.  If it brings them a sale, great. I'm happy.  

Monday, April 12, 2010

Recycled and rhinestones vintage silver plated flatware garden markers gift tags and then some

These recycled or if you prefer "upcycled" silver plated flatware garden markers were from an abandoned  wind chime project.  They make fun flower picks, cheese markers and gift tags.  Some will be bent for place cards,  napkin rings, hooks, business card holders...and more. Maybe, we will get to that wind chime project yet, using stamped spoons of course.

My DB stamped a teaspoon with "beach" for the "toffee twist" beach grass
and hand engraved the other side.

So sweet of him.

Then we made some more.

including another "beach" with some tiny tiny little starfish.

I'm thinking beach wedding or party just plop these in container 
filled with sand, a votive candle and some shells.
No need to worry about the flowers drooping in the hot sun.

  Sweetie also surprised me with this "By The Sea"
to match some of my ribbons. I couldn't believe all of
the work that went into it.

I thought he was building something with all the hammering going on.
  Turns out it was the starfish!

Soup sized spoon turned inspirational message
(A fun look in old milk bottles and jars.)

Knives usually have to be stamped on the blade
because the handles are usually hollow.

Every once in awhile we find ones that can be
stamped on the handle which worked out
for this custom order.

A few cheese markers, a colleague gave me the idea.

Brie lover's please forgive the faux pas, this was the only
cheese in the house.

Gold colored stainless flatware too.

My absolute favorite is this one.
Fancied up with vintage rhinestones.
Made as a little surprise.
I was tempted to keep adding more.

Placement of the embellishment depends on the size and depth of the
spoon's bowl, how it flattens during the hammering and length of the word

Some ideas for others in the works.


Let me know what you think of them, good, bad or indifferent.
The marker,tags are available in my Etsy shop. 
Custom words available

Thanks for stopping by.