Monday, September 27, 2010

A day of antique wood boats

Each September old wood boats from all over converge just around the corner from our office.  Brands like Trumpy, Johnson Brothers, Shepherd, Century and of course Chris Craft the main American icon of old wood boats.

 Varnished to perfection

Shiny enough to use as a make-up mirror.

You couldn't miss the blue on this sport model

or neat oval instrument panel on this one.
Notice the shifter is on the floor.

I liked the little anchor on the locker door.

Some boats were very simple and sparse.

While others epitomized a fine day of boating.  
Like this forward cockpit.

Complete with upholstery

and a rear deck for serving lunch

and a flagstaff with a flag in a perfect color combination.

This one had a fiberglass deck but I couldn't help taking
a photo of the pristine all white anchor.

A reproduction row boat whose owner patiently 
let me click away for that perfect shot.


I think this motor might have been red at one time.

This little cutie caught my attention with its non traditional
colored exterior and interior.

For many little "Doodle" the dingy was
the belle of the ball,....

but for me it was "Alda"

You might recall my saying we are over run with boats from paintings to pond yachts,
but this little cutie in all of her faded glory with years of neglect from being stored in an old
garage for over 50 years literally won my heart. 

I also knew my friend Terri of
LaDolfina would not have hesitated to say if she is ever for sale call me.

She also would have liked this old deck chair.

Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet Heather of Simple Daisy.

Let me introduce you to Heather of Simple Daisy, for those of you that are already fan's of hers, please bear with me as I just couldn't decide what to not to share. I don't recall how I found Heather. All I remember was her blog header used to be a sailboat and I loved her bright crisp photos.

To me Heather is one of the most inspiring people.  Somehow, she perks me up even when she writes about feeling uncertain.  Many times, I have nodded my head in understanding and agreement.

Secretly, I think she is wonder woman sans the outfit.  
She literally can do it all.

Like building a pond by herself.

She gardens and grows vegetables.

Heather does a 20 mile, yes 20 mile bike ride in the morning

And a trunk show in the afternoon.
(I would be on a stretcher after 5 miles of biking)

Featuring her tropical blue beachy theme jewelry.
That you can also get via her Etsy Shop

Heather calls this necklace driftwood

and, these fabulous earrings are called ocean waves.

Aren't these just the perfect blend of blues and aquas?

But, this isn't all Heather can whip up.

Apparently, Heather wouldn't leave her grandfather alone until he
taught her how to use saws and power tools.  Her dogs,
L.C. the German Shepherd and Ruby the black Lab are always
on hand to help and supervise. Heather is a big believer in 
adopting rescued animals. (I like that)

Crates for your aqua jars or what have you. 

Little hand stamped and painted tags out of clay.

Pillows, chalkboard coasters and inspirational art done in beach style.

A fun summer scarf.....
 and more are mainly crafted here.

I like her magnetic canvas memo boards that can be seen on the
second shelf on the left.  The vases on the top shelf have chalkboard paint.

Heather is obsessed with chalkboard paint. From walls to
kitchen back splashes to filing cabinets.

Having a dinner party?  Heather likes to add a beach touch.

and while your visiting for the "how to" to make these and more;
 visit her healthy recipes.

Yep, she cooks up some tasty dishes and posts recipes each week.
Make sure you aren't hungry though first. Sometimes,
I have to have a snack before reading. 

Need a wine recommendation to go with the recipe? Just ask.

 (crafting with her nephew under the supervision of Ruby and L.C.)

Heather is a school teacher 
with a dream of creating for a living.  
She generously shares how she makes most of her creations.
She has inspired me to get moving on a few of my own projects.

Borrowing some of her own words from one of her posts.

What’s your dream…

How can YOU make it happen….

Things don’t just happen to you…..YOU happen to things!!!

So whether you shop at Heather's Etsy Shop for jewelry 
or request one of her many creations on her blog
(I couldn't show them all, there had to be some surprises for your visit)

You just can't help feeling good knowing it was crafted with such happiness.
(chalkboard frame in background above flower basket)

Heather is so sweet she leaves cheery notes for the UPS delivery person
on a chalkboard frame by the door.

Go on now; pay a visit.
Simple Daisy

The fine yet, required print.  This is not a paid endorsement or advertisement.  I've been blessed to have my work featured by others.  I'm simply doing the same.  It is a nod of admiration to Heather of working towards her dream.  Thank you Heather for your uplifting spirit. Best wishes to you. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Beach surf courtesy of Hurricane Earl

It was definitely a gray day at the beach, but it didn't stop dozens of spectators from checking out the waves.

Gray and dismal as far as you could see.

And at the same time mesmerizing.

Obviously closed to swimming, one area was closed altogether
with the beach patrol advising everyone to stay behind the dunes.

This seagull seemed to think I might have some food.

This one seemed a little tired and stayed close by for about 15 minutes.  

I've never seen one of these little birds sit still for a minute.

I was relieved when a friend dropped in to check on the little fellow.

The surf was looking a little Hawaii 5'0 style.
What I thought was a nice find beach glass was actually tons
of jelly fish that had been smashed like a crystal vase 
and scattered on the beach.

We were all reminded of how fierce and unforgiving the ocean can be.

Have a safe holiday weekend everyone.

Until next time.