Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa's seaside row. Christmas by the Sea.

Every Christmas morning Santa puts his sleigh aside and heads to the bay

to launch his competition rowing skull.

I mean really, how else do you think Santa stays in shape during the summer.

Santa Ethan has been doing this for sometime.  I have only seen it once
but, at the time did not know who it was. I also thought my eyes were
playing tricks and, when I realized it wasn't thought it was the sweetest thing.

Santa's seaside row usually takes place before I am awake on
Christmas; unlike households that have small children up at the crack of dawn.

These photos were taken by our mutual friend Daria that withstands
the damp and cold yearly to capture this most heartfelt moment.

Santa Ethan, a rowing champion

 definitely brings a unique touch to the saying
"seaside holiday".

Should you look out onto the bay some Christmas morning
and, see Santa rowing on by you can finally say
so, this is what Christmas by sea is like.

All photos copyright 2011 D. Patrick all rights reserved. 
Published on beach house living with permission.
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy holidays

Happy, healthy holidays everyone!