Saturday, August 27, 2011

The first of Hurricane Irene arrives.

Irene makes her way and of course batteries that had an expiration date of 2012 do not work.

Off to find some and top off the fuel tank in my car I grabbed the camera. Due to closed roads I had to head north.  Gas stations low on fuel allowed me $25.00.  It didn't top the tank but since diesel isn't sold everywhere I was happy to find any at all. 

This restaurant had a sense of humor with a "Good Night Irene" sign.

Rite Aid looked serious

Boarded windows or not the fishery touted fresh seafood.

Sears was pretty empty. So were their supplies of
flashlights, batteries, duct tape or generators.

One thing they did have was particle masks.

Target had no tape

No flashlights and I think I got one of the
last three packs of AA batteries

I picked up some of these microfiber towels.
These are great to have on hand since they dry so fast.
(Later when the boat was being backed in the driveway I used them as traffic flags)

I've never seen so few people at Target's check out lines before.

Across the highway Home Goods also gave their windows a new look.

Ihop went with tape snowflakes for theirs.

This place was a little more color coordinated.

No money today. ATM or otherwise.

Another place with a sense of humor.

The first drops of rain began just as I began snapping away.

Forty five minutes later a downpour broke out.
You can see the water pouring off the trailer fender.

Small bags of ice have been pushed into any available space.

The living room looks like a direct hit filled with stacks of clothes
and bags of supplies if we have to leave.

So come on Irene please make your stay brief.
Be safe all.

Bracing for Hurricane Irene.

Stay safe everyone! Lots of evacuations going on here at the coastline.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time with Zoie our new family member

Hello everyone I have been out of the loop for quite awhile spending time with Zoie.

Some of you may remember our loss of Lily in December, 2009.
Lily was a puppy mill breeding dog that spent her first six years
of her life in a cage.  She was quite surprised to feel grass under
feet unlike Zoie who came from a pampered home.

Here I am meeting Zoie for the first time.

A few days later Zoie modeled for me.
Showing her various hair styles.

She smiled.

Did some fancy moves.

Then got bored

and decided a nap would be good.

She looks like an Afghan and walks very stately like one.
 She must know that at a whopping 8 pounds it is necessary
to think and act "big".

She steals toys from our other Dachshund, Molly and hides them in her
crate.  I'm the bad guy that removes said toys in question and
explains that's Molly's toy while putting Zoie's toys in front of her.

Like she understands this.  It's an effort to stop Molly's mourning over
her toy loss by the thief who is also a tiny taunter to Molly.  Zoie pokes her nose
in Molly's ears and yaps.  Oh no!

Molly at twice the size could easily grab Zoie's neck between her teeth
and shake her like a rag is so well behaved she simply whines and tries
to get away. Molly looks at me with big sorrowful eyes
that ask "What have you done?"

We have never had a problem introducing a new family member.  It simply takes time.
Zoie is only two years old considerably younger then any dog
we have adopted before and some things I admit have caught us off guard.

Meanwhile Zoie and Noelle have no issues at all.
Noelle is older and more feeble due to spine injuries.
Out of eyes clouding over she simply watches it all.

Noelle knows she will always be "queen" so
maybe Zoie has sensed this too; or more likely that
Noele is simply not a worthy opponent to be
bothered with since she simply fails to get a response.

 (little devil in disguise)

I'm cute and spoiled rotten she laughs with glee.

Update 11/27/15 over 4 years have passed since writing this post.  Zoie is now over 6 years old and is doing great and remains as beautiful as ever. Days of poking her nose in Molly's ears are long over and I often find them both curled up together.  New toy battles continue and in the middle of the night Zoie drags them into her crate and hides them under the blankets and yes she does inventory of them too.