Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby's first boat

I about flipped when I saw these baby boat cradles from Beaver Boat Works. Aren't they darling!

 Built by hand in Texas as a true ship's tender.
This one is cypress planks on mahogany, but you can order other woods.
Eco friendly finishes available too.

Davit style suspension system allows for rocking your little one to sleep.

Custom bedding is available for extra comfort.

Now you might be thinking well little ones will grow out of it so quickly.

Don't worry this ship is built to take on more serious tasks.
Like being converted into a rocker or my favorite,

a wagon!

Can you imagine pulling this around the block?

And after that you can always make into a coffee table.

This would be neat in adult size wouldn't it?  So much cooler then a hammock.

Thanks for stopping by everyone.