Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day observing a National Moment of Remembrance

No matter where you are.  No matter what you are doing.  Please stop at 3:00 p.m. on Memorial Day and observe a National Moment of Remembrance  with a minute of silence or listening to taps to pay respect to all of those which died in combat service on behalf of America to gain and preserve the very freedoms we enjoy.

Sixty seconds, that is all that is asked of each and every American. 

60 little seconds of silence to say thanks for
 (without sending or receiving a text message either)

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Religion
Freedom to Petition
Freedom to Assemble
Freedom of the Press

Do even more by flying your American Flag at half mast until noon.
 (please see American Flag Code link below. It's an interesting read.
You might be surprised about that flag tablecloth and napkins.)

Read more about Memorial Day at the links below.

Thank you combat veterans past and present.

First and Third photos credit unknown

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not your typical day at the office.

Not a typical day at the office.  Some days the suits and heels get a day off too.

 Buzzing the beach while test driving a new boat model sure is a whole lot more fun than sitting at my desk.

For those that believe anything "beach or coastal" is pretty and 
wonderful here is one glimpse into a reality.

Life at the water isn't just about laying around in the sun, collecting shells, dining on seafood, consuming umbrella drinks and stunning views nor, is it about the latest interior designer or home decor.

It's a responsibility 

Those who truly live at the beach
and or, work on the water know this quite well.

For the last two years unsafe boating and swimming
has claimed several lives in our area alone.

In the hope that this summer will be different I made a
a decision to talk a little about what I do.
  My deck shoes are on and I've
climbed on the safety soap box.

My work is the laying out and outfitting the vessels for
Enforcement, Fire and Rescue agencies.

Giving the boat a thumbs up shown above.
(I'm the one in the back seat)

Notice the "seat belt" and arm handles.  You know like 
something found on a ride at an amusement park.
Trust me, I was holding on.

This is a test ride to see how fast it can go.
How well it can jump  waves, wakes, and how tight of a turn it can take;
each time faster then the last. 

For me the ocean and the bay are both part of my daily life.
They are bodies of water not just to admire but, respect.

They can be fiercely dangerous

 as they are beautiful,

or charming

I work with vessels whose primes missions range from patrolling the waters to marine health and rescue.

 There is also the harsher side.
Intercepting criminals
flood evacuations, to recovering drowning victims

It is an amazing feeling for each us every time time a new vessel leaves
the yard. Knowing that it may save a life; human or animal or
bring them to safety is truly taken to heart by us all.

Yes, this is what I do.
It's unusual.  When I left the cherry wood office
to start over doing something I loved; boats.

I was thinking more along the lines of designing yacht interiors
instead, it's thermal imaging cameras, generators, radar,
firearm mounts, shock mitigating seating and flooring....

 I never dreamed this could become one of the most rewarding jobs.

 There is training....

with flattering outfits.

in wicked heat, damp, or cold.
We have all been trained in various aspects of
Tactical boat operations,
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
and CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams)
to name a few.

What we lack in physical facility size we make up with passion.
(We must have a lot, we hit the top of the charts across the U.S. last year.)

Three years and nine month project for the one of a kind vessel shown above.

Yet, it's nothing.
Absolutely nothing 
compared to when we receive photographs of the boats
we placed our passion and effort into
Saving life or bringing it to safety
or locating the dead so a family's wait is over.

Tears have rolled down our faces and 
sometimes we have gotten down on our knees and prayed.

When our work that was relied upon in the most stressful and often 
dangerous situations performed exactly the way it was supposed to 

So, if your are heading to the ocean this summer,
be it to wade in the water, or go boating.

Remember it's about respect.
Respect for the year round residents and enforcement;
one of whom may save your life

Respect for marine life - stash your trash.

Going boating?  File a float plan and wear a PFD
Personal flotation device.
  It's not about fashion; it's about your life
Please be safe this summer!

As for me, It's time to get down from the soap box
and put the suit back on with my brand new strappy wedge sandals.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Coming up Roses

Is there such a thing as too many rose bushes?  When we purchased our home it came with tons of weeds and numerous neglected rose bushes.

Not a clue what kind this is.  The scent is divine

So, What did I do?
I purchased even more.

 no clue what this one is either nor; the two other white ones

We I ended up with about 30 or so rose bushes without really 
knowing how to properly care for them.

I could only recall some of what I remembered my mother doing.
She had some beautiful roses.

When we lost a few the first year for all sorts of reasons.
 I set about learning all I could.

Never having a real garden before 
all I talked about was gardening and roses.

I became obsessed with rose trees.
(I ended up with eight (8) of them)

Of course a few mini's were necessary.
 You know for flanking the door.

Friends were afraid to stop by for fear
I would put them to work pruning roses.

They really got tired of me showing photos of

I think my DB got tired of it too.

(The sizable fortune I had spent on bushes, soil, fertilizers
lopping shears, saws, pesticides, sprayers, all sorts of gloves,
and other flowers and plants did not help)

  Well dear, the yard has been neglected for so long.
I could talk about work instead if you would prefer.


Neighbors on the other hand were delighted with my newly
learned skills of reviving bushes from death's door and adding more.

The vases of roses and other flowers left on their 
doorsteps weekly might have had something to do with it.

Many did not winter well last year or this one
(I'm down to one rose tree for the moment anyway)
So, things might be about more manageable.

Some of the ones I've added are

David Austin, Anne Boelyn

Madame Alfred Carrie Climber.  Antique variety

The back gate arch was good spot.
This is a fast grower.

 Enfant La France. An antique variety; bourbon family I believe

This is a beauty with the most wonderful scent.
They almost resemble Peonies; another favorite.

Eden climber in pink. 

I've been waiting four years to see this in bloom.
The first time the company sent the wrong rose
The second one didn't survive winter.
Last year this was only about 6" tall.

It will be quite a treat.

Now about those Peony and Calla's...

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your week everyone.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fans of Paris France this one is for you.

First, in what I hope will be a series of designs.  The crown may need some filling in or a different design or, maybe a smaller spoon would be better suited. Jewels perhaps?

Photographed on burlap just for you!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments

Sealaura has made a wonderful suggestion for
the sea life spoons.  Which I'm gearing up to try.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fish pond and signs of blooms to come

Considering the county we live in was declared a disaster area last month due to consistent downpours the front yard looks surprisingly okay.  The back yard has always been a challenge since day one. Add a few snapped trees, broken fencing and a enough pine needles from the tree next door and your pond really looks gross all 2,600+ gallons of it. Yuck and muck.

 The water has warmed to feed them a little.
Feeding becomes like a free for all.

I should have put the camera in sports photo mode.
They simply refused to stay still for photos.

Neptune, Pico and Tough our Japanese koi passed in December, 2008 along with a few of the comets during a warm spell. They had come out of hibernation too early and began foraging for food.  Pine needles are not exactly a recommended diet.

 The one with the white spot on his nose, 
doesn't take any crap from anybody.

Kind of like jaws.

These things are in full bloom. Three came with the house.
I wish they hadn't.  They seem to attract lots of bees.
I'm always asked what is my secret, what fertilizer do I use.


On the other hand, in the front yard.
Peonies get the babied

Roses get pruned, fed and sprayed.
Aphids are out in record numbers already.
All the rain means black spot will arrive too.

Warmer weather means dogs
do not care to have their sunbathing interrupted.
Even if they are in the backyard of weeds.

Such a good dog.  
Notice how she looks right at me when I call her name?


Enjoy your week everyone.