Monday, May 10, 2010

Coming up Roses

Is there such a thing as too many rose bushes?  When we purchased our home it came with tons of weeds and numerous neglected rose bushes.

Not a clue what kind this is.  The scent is divine

So, What did I do?
I purchased even more.

 no clue what this one is either nor; the two other white ones

We I ended up with about 30 or so rose bushes without really 
knowing how to properly care for them.

I could only recall some of what I remembered my mother doing.
She had some beautiful roses.

When we lost a few the first year for all sorts of reasons.
 I set about learning all I could.

Never having a real garden before 
all I talked about was gardening and roses.

I became obsessed with rose trees.
(I ended up with eight (8) of them)

Of course a few mini's were necessary.
 You know for flanking the door.

Friends were afraid to stop by for fear
I would put them to work pruning roses.

They really got tired of me showing photos of

I think my DB got tired of it too.

(The sizable fortune I had spent on bushes, soil, fertilizers
lopping shears, saws, pesticides, sprayers, all sorts of gloves,
and other flowers and plants did not help)

  Well dear, the yard has been neglected for so long.
I could talk about work instead if you would prefer.


Neighbors on the other hand were delighted with my newly
learned skills of reviving bushes from death's door and adding more.

The vases of roses and other flowers left on their 
doorsteps weekly might have had something to do with it.

Many did not winter well last year or this one
(I'm down to one rose tree for the moment anyway)
So, things might be about more manageable.

Some of the ones I've added are

David Austin, Anne Boelyn

Madame Alfred Carrie Climber.  Antique variety

The back gate arch was good spot.
This is a fast grower.

 Enfant La France. An antique variety; bourbon family I believe

This is a beauty with the most wonderful scent.
They almost resemble Peonies; another favorite.

Eden climber in pink. 

I've been waiting four years to see this in bloom.
The first time the company sent the wrong rose
The second one didn't survive winter.
Last year this was only about 6" tall.

It will be quite a treat.

Now about those Peony and Calla's...

Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your week everyone.


Lady Grey said...

Fabulous post! What a collection of roses! That second one is incredible... it looks like a lace & chiffon wedding dress : )

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Beautiful photos and roses!!

I agree.. i love the second one!! Unfortunately I don't have any rose bushes but luckily my friend does.. I'm a rose thief!! haha

Have a lovely day enjoying your garden!! xx Julie said...

Can I just say, straight up...there is NO such thing as too many roses.

iheartsunnydays said...

What a great collection of roses. Your garden must smell divine!

Privet and Holly said...

When life hands you roses.... plant MORE ROSES! If I had your green thumb, I would certainly do that. Currently I have a huge white shrub rose out front and three years ago my husband put in an arbor that I can see from our kitchen window and there I planted a climbing pink rose. {Don't know the name of either one....SIGH.} My dad out in Washington State has a huge rose garden as the climate is so agreeable for them. It is so fun when visiting to always have a fresh rose bouquet in my room! Keep up your rose love.... I'm right there with you!! xx P&H

Unknown said...

"Is there such a thing as too many rose bushes?"...I think not. When they're in your garden and you are taking care of them and providing armfuls of gorgeous blooms to friends and strangers, and by the way, I live in Alabama, is it too far for you to ship roses? I love roses and I love the people who are able to grow roses! Happy Tuesday my friend.

Everything Coastal said...

How pretty! I do miss my yellow tea roses from old house outside of Seattle, might have to figure out a way to have a few small ones on my view deck here in California.

Ticking and Toile said...

YUMMMMMMMMMY! They all look fantastic Rita! I am ecstatic right now waiting for my cecile brunner to bloom fully and a couple climbers from David Austin are huge this year with tons of buds....waiting for them to bloom too. I LOVE roses.....There is just nothing more wonderful, ok maybe peonies...? but anyway, I'm with you ~ never enough! :) btw, your garden looks gorgeous!!


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

These are so beautiful, Rita...seriously makes me want to go and get some new rose bushes for the yard!!

Rose West said...

Beautiful roses... I don't think you can ever have too many flowers in your garden!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Rita, thank you soooo! much for the offer of some of your barnwood I love barnwood and would never turn down an offer.
The roses are beautiful, and your hard work shows. The roses can really take a beating and just when they are at deaths door it is funny what mowing them down to there last knuckle and a little water can do for there future beauty.

I remember as alittle girl my grandmothers acre of land with miles of roses on it and her teaching me how to prune and all that watering she had me do draging that water hose around :)

I wish I were one of your NEIGHBORS to receive one of your beautiful vases of roses, I am sure you deliver them in a mason jar with a little natural bow on it, am I right :)

I could see it now sitting on my porch :)
Keep on doing your heartfelt gifting of Roses you are deeply loved for it I am sure.

Keep inspiring us with your love and passion for beauty.

Julie@beingRUBY said...

just popped back to say thank you for the lovely birthday wishes.. xx Julie

Tonja said...

Ho! Popping in to answer a question you asked on another blog about getting the old bottles clean. I have found that using the fizzing denture cleaning tablets works really well. Hope this helps you. Good luck!

Punctuation Mark said...

i love your roses! they are gorgeous and always make you feel proud when they bloom

La Dolfina said...

Oh Rita you made me laugh so hard about your comment on Latte's bling and my Statue of Liberty crown!!! I'm counting on you to doll up Ms. Robinhood for the occasion too!! We'll trade photos of each other!
Love you,
Miss you,
Oh, I almost forgot... your roses rock!!!!!!!!!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Beautiful should be very proud! Hope you have a wonderful day!


Simple Daisy said...

I love roses too! They just don't love me:(

I never do well growing them! I would love to have a wall of climbing beautiful!

rjerdee said...

Just discovered your blog, thanks to simple daisy. I have a beach blog that I've left behind until next will be back. Meanwhile, I'll keep up my beach vibe by following you along with simpledaisy until I can get back to the beach...nice blog, you have! Love your beach accessories...

Little Emma English Home said...

I love roses!!! What is a garden without? David Austen roses are my favourite, especially the ones resembling peonies!!!

Hugs xx

Unknown said...

I think you roses are magnificent! And, NO, of course there is never enough rose bushes!.:-))) I have planted four rose bushes last Spring and they have been blossoming all Summer long. I can not wait for them to start blossoming again. I am also looking forward to planting several bushes of peonies - they are my favorite flowers of all.:-) Thank you for such a wonderful post.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Lovely photos of the roses! Makes me wish I had a green thumb.

Came via Simple Daisy and wanted to say hello.

The Neo-Traditionalist said...

Gorgeous!!! I can't believe you grew all these yourself. I don't think I'd ever grow tired of visiting or hearing about your lovely garden. I'm so impressed!

XX Katie

the old boathouse said...

What is that can never have too much of a good thing! Definetly applies here! Your roses are amazing...and I am so jealous of your skills...haha Hope you have a lovely weekend in your amazing garden, cheers Katherine

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