Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get off the phone. You might be missing something.

Just down the road from our home exists a special place owned by the warmest family I've ever met.

Less then five miles away from the ocean.

A kingdom of kindness and togetherness.


Where "Pork chop" the pig looks out for "Cindy" the goat

and "Bentley" the sheep keeps watch over the quite pregnant mini horse.

A mini stallion separated from his love until after she gives birth whines
to be close to her is given some time.

Where hens lay eggs and roosters strut without fear

since good dogs watch dilengtly over them all

Inside the house are more pets including
the tiniest hampster I have ever seen.

Children that don't bicker, and seemingly without cell phones
play and help each other.

Like a well oiled team they set out to help an injured skunk
(thankfully too injured to spray)

While their parents may not have been thrilled with a skunk resting in a huge flower pot on the front porch they encouraged their kindness to care for something that couldn't care for itself.

I truly believe had cell phones (a peeve of mine) been ringing or in sight for that matter we would have failed to notice the generous amount of kindness and togetherness sprinkled around us.

Get off the phone! Put it out of sight.
You never know what you might be missing.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flea Market Gardens Magazine. Beach House Living featured Press

Silverware garden markers by Beach House Living were recently featured in the premiere issue of Flea Market Gardens magazine.

A sister publication to Flea Market Style so many of us eagerly awaited last year.

There are our garden markers in the upper right surrounded by the orange box.

The editor was kind enough to send me a copy which I ripped open in the post office.
To show the postmaster of course!

Flea Market Gardens is chock of photos to inspire.

 I like how the roses climb over this potting shed

Isn't this a great nook. From the stone floor, wicker chairs
and a hurricane filled with beach goodies.

This beach mosaic has me considering smashing some plates.
Some good tips too.

Copies are available at major book stores and some grocery stores.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fresh catch stuck in the mud

While out and about yesterday we saw this fishing boat up from the Carolina's stuck in the mud and listing.

By the time we had returned with the camera the second tide had started to come in.

We drove over the bridge for a bow view.

 The boat had been there since 6:00 am it was now going on 4:30 pm.
They waited through the first tide of the day but, it
wasn't enough for them to be able to back off sand bar.

The sun came out and began to set so I looked around
for things to take photos of.

Like this bait and ice dock building wonderfully weathered by the salt air.

Hundreds of traps stacked up.

Thick blue dock line.

Life ring.

Then the fishing boat called "Big Bob" came rushing in 
with the one of the crew  shouting "dinner".

Looks like a few fellow seafood lovers will be there too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shells and Ships on my wrist

When I saw this fabulous nautical bracelet I was head over heels smitten.  It had several of my favorite nautical beachy icons.

(click to enlarge)

From pearls and shells

to jeweled anchors

Should or shouldn't I? I pondered.
It's kind of large. It's kind of bold and not something I could
wear to work unless it was a meeting only day.

It's really unique,
It's beautifully made

It's too expensive; especially now.
I could wear it.....hmmm I don't really go anywhere.

Look at that dangling anchor.....
I thought about it for a week....and its sort of sister bracelet.

Finally, deciding while I liked them both I could only have one
and even one was way more then I should.

It was the Seahorse toggle that sealed the deal.

I am now ready for dockside cocktails or dining.
In the meantime, my wrist was in all its glory pushing the cart down the grocery store isles.