Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Goodbye Letter to Molly our Beloved Family Member, Companion and a Dachshund Dog

Rest in peace, dearest Molly a.k.a Molly Girl. Today, after 10 days I've finally come to realize you’re truly gone. It was so sudden it feels like a bad dream and I’m pleading with you to wake me from it. At first I screamed no from the very depths of my being but then it was like it didn't really happen maybe, because I simply want to understand why, and I don't. I still simply don't.

We were your third family.  Your previous owners loved you but for whatever reasons couldn't keep you. How lucky that turned out to be for us. For 7.50 years your loving ways of several licks could solve just about any problem. How you would wait for Mama to make your bed for you. I've been holding onto that blanket that you began to claim as your own. I'd be so happy to wrap you up in it right now. 

 I wish I could see your antics of pulling all squeaky toys off the store shelves again, and as much I used to want to get some relief from your never ending squeaking of said toys I would gladly go without sleep if I could gaze into your soulful brown eyes, pet your soft fur and, get one of your gentle kisses.

We had a ton of snow a couple of days ago. You used really enjoy to hopping around in it. I wish you had been here for that.


 9:00 pm was your sit and remind us time that is was time for slices of watermelon or cantaloupe and oh how you would whine in anticipation. I've always liked watermelon and cantaloupe but, it certainly won't be the same without sharing it with you.

Zoie, has been barking and tugging at your blanket. I know she could get on your nerves at times but she does miss you. She has been walking about the house in search of her friend and looking to us as if to ask where have we hidden you.

Summer will be hard.
Papa misses you so, so much. Summer was your really major be outside and play ball time for what seemed like hours with Papa. Gosh, how you would cry to be outside with him when he would be working in the yard.  I used to get so startled how motionless you would lay out the hottest sun and felt such relief each time you would lift your head when I would check on you.

Sweet, sweet Molly Girl. I positively know you went to heaven. I just know it.  You’re such a good and kind girl and I hope there are more squeaky toys, soft blankets, tennis balls and your favorite fruits up there then you can imagine.

It was an honor and a privilege to have been your family. I hope you knew how loved you were and still are. Say hello to your sisters for us. Until then we will hold you in our hearts until we meet again.

Mama & Papa