Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Santa's seaside row. Christmas by the Sea.

Every Christmas morning Santa puts his sleigh aside and heads to the bay

to launch his competition rowing skull.

I mean really, how else do you think Santa stays in shape during the summer.

Santa Ethan has been doing this for sometime.  I have only seen it once
but, at the time did not know who it was. I also thought my eyes were
playing tricks and, when I realized it wasn't thought it was the sweetest thing.

Santa's seaside row usually takes place before I am awake on
Christmas; unlike households that have small children up at the crack of dawn.

These photos were taken by our mutual friend Daria that withstands
the damp and cold yearly to capture this most heartfelt moment.

Santa Ethan, a rowing champion

 definitely brings a unique touch to the saying
"seaside holiday".

Should you look out onto the bay some Christmas morning
and, see Santa rowing on by you can finally say
so, this is what Christmas by sea is like.

All photos copyright 2011 D. Patrick all rights reserved. 
Published on beach house living with permission.
 Any re-posting, distributing, dissemination etc of these photos whole or in part for any type of use must be granted by the photographer D. Patrick.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy holidays

Happy, healthy holidays everyone!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Cozy throws, candles and beautiful reading from bloggers Marie, Caron and Tracy

Back in October Caron of Everything Coastal wrote about cozy throws. One of which was going to be available in her store

Navy and white; right up my alley.
How did Caron know some nautical tidbit dishes would fit right in here?

Marie of Sally Lee by the Sea is back to making her candles.

I got the jar one for a hostess gift and the small tin for me.
These seaside cuties can be found her Etsy shop.

A copy of Jeanne d' Arc Magazine 
from Tracy's shop French Larkspur.

I didn't know it at the time of making these purchases how perfect
they would be when I come down with some sort of flu that 
continues to linger....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

White recycling bags get a coastal makeover. Regatta Rags part 2

The day I found the blue boxes at Ikea I also found this set of  recycling bags.

What I liked about them.
They are white.
They were so clean looking
Easily folded and tossed in the trunk instead of the not so pretty shade of blue lidless Rubbermaid™ container that takes up way to much trunk room to do errands after going to the recycling center.

The one size in particular (15 x11 x 10") that Zoie is modeling was perfect for a trip to the farmer's market for some melon, cheese and berries.

It held quite a hefty load.  Zoie by the way is 8 pounds and she was in the bag after it's use at the farmer's market, not before.  I should mention it's rated to hold 7 pounds.

 Made from  100 % polypropylene simply turn them inside and and give them a good wash.

The taller one shown in the back of the first photo was perfect to bring along to an estate sale I had gone too.  I just kept stuffing things in it.


Don't get bored yet like Zoie here who was supposed be helping me photo my clay starfish that you see in the photo

What I really saw in these fabulous bags was p-o-t-e-n-t-i-a-l with a capital "P".

Potential nice crisp white gift bags, market totes, perfect beach bags and of course for the boat!  My dearly beloved on the other had saw another project I was so immersed in that I didn't even pick my head up to say hello when he walked in the door.

I was so excited I just had to perform my "R&D" like it was some sort of emergency surgery.  I thought they looked fine with the white clay tags and ornaments but, then thought a touch of navy would be just right. Okay, so it's more royal blue which isn't my favorite but, used it anyway.

Being polypropylene means paint would not stick.
Possibly the Krylon Fusion might work. I didn't want to chance it.
Auto body paint would might work as well but,
it's not like I have that around anywhere.

Sewing would work.

I opted for something else entirely and created several designs.

24 hours later my finger was still swollen from all the tedious 
cutting using very small scissors.

This branch coral is five separate pieces that I just began cutting.

I modified a stencil for the lighthouse.

I wanted to cover the Ikea tab up. Cutting it meant the chance of cutting the bag with my luck and I like the solution much better.  It's personalized now. I cut a rectangle larger the the tab and wrapped around the back and stuck it on..

Exhausted and happy I flashed my completed line of bags in front of
my DB who studied them for a moment and said "Wow!
you could sell these"   I'm already looking for sources dearie to
make them part of my "Regatta Rags™" line.

Viola! Coastal shopping bags or gift bags!
Won't I be stylin' at the grocery store after the holidays!

Regatta Rags™ re-formed, re-imagined, recycled, rescued.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shorely Chic's Shore Line Candle.

I recently purchased this lovely candle from Liz's Shorely Chic website. I was looking for a white candle with a beach scent that also came with a lid.  The bonus this one has a navy and white label.  Perfect.

Shorely Chic's Shore Line candle fit the bill.  

Beach and sweet scent without being overdone.

Liz included lovely personal touches including some matches.
They are pink!  How fun is that?

Thank you Liz I'm enjoying everything.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time for dessert holiday collection stamped silverware fashions

My new stamped silverware editions are fun and unique. First up eat, drink and get stuffed serving spoon for Thanksgiving also available in a shorter to the point version; get stuffed.

This set can be used for both holiday or any Sunday dinner.

A set of eight forks with a cake server.
Each fork says something different.
Divine, Delicious, Luscious, Sinful, Tasty,
Sweet, So good, and To Die for.

The server says "time for dessert."

For a bit of a different take. This set has six forks
and a server that says "have some cake".
The forks are stamped with sayings I know I have
said time and time again.
"A small piece"
"A little slice"
"Just a taste"

I was laughing the entire time making them all.

Instead of being flattened for the garden
these pretty spoons are now offered for you table.

Fun to use year round actually.

This set was inspired by my little chaplet 

A little morning support!

For the hostess.

The ice cream lovers.

The soon to be bride.

For the gardener.

For the tree.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Seawashed coastal christmas pine tree note cards

Pine tree note cards by Kerrie Sanderson of Sea Washed add a subtle holiday touch to your gifts or that quick note to a loved one.

 Kerrie offers these with a sea star on top of the tree and without.  I opted for no sea star.

 Kerrie included two gift tags for me and some tea!

I'm often asked to include a card and knew these would perfect to use for my clients.
A winter looking scene without too much of the "holiday"
Soft and subtle details.


 Visit Kerrie's shop here.

Margaritaville Sunglasses: A product review

Do emails offering gift certificates for stores, guest posts, advertising...etc. sound familiar?  I've turned down all requests I've received to offer gift certificates to places like CSN stores, and others but this email was for something I would actually use and trust me would put through some paces.

 It's something I have done.  I have included a new item or design every once in awhile sort of like a gift with purchase and ask my clients what do they think.  Other times I have simply boxed them up and sent them out.

I live close to water and I'm a boater.  Okay boating season is over but there is still some bright sun in North East.  I responded yes to the inquiry from Margaritaville Eyewear for those two reasons and when the snow hits it can be blinding.

My box arrived and, I honestly couldn't believe it was true. They they were in a fabulous khaki semi-hard zippered case.  I was liking that already.

I had my choice of any style I wanted.  I went with the Calypso with black frames.  To be honest I liked the brand name too.  When I do indulge in a cocktail it's a Margarita

I wear prescription glasses meaning most "plastic" lenses I can only wear if I'm out in the yard or sitting around.  I don't know how they did it but, I would swear I could see clearer and crisper then with any other plastic lenses I have ever tried.  I thought I was imagining it.

I checked their site and found that Margaritaville lenses have Margaritaville Polarized Technology (MPT) for short.  If you click the link you will see a demonstration.  I've had other sunglasses with polarizing lenses that were nothing like these.

Spring temples are a great feature.

Here is a better look.

A strap that actually secures into the frame instead of around it.  No slippage happening there.

A nautical tropical soft pouch polishing cloth was also included.
I liked the case has a clip on it.
No fumbling in your beach tote for the case.

As for fit.  These sat perfectly on my nose.  I tilted my head up and down and even did a few jumps they barely moved.  They rested perfectly around my face too.

The inside of the right arm has "watching the sun bake".
It made me laugh. I thought it was fun touch too.

Love, love the palm tree logo.  It's also discreet and not overdone.  
It's just right! I hope they don't ever change that.

Would I buy them? Yes!
I am already considering a pair for me DB in the aviator style.
He is a sunglasses maven. 

You can read more about them and purchase them here.

The fine print.   It is my own personal opinion and yours may vary should you decide to purchase a pair.  I was not paid to write the review.  I did receive the calypso Margarita sunglasses gratis to be able to write the review.