Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Margaritaville Sunglasses: A product review

Do emails offering gift certificates for stores, guest posts, advertising...etc. sound familiar?  I've turned down all requests I've received to offer gift certificates to places like CSN stores, and others but this email was for something I would actually use and trust me would put through some paces.

 It's something I have done.  I have included a new item or design every once in awhile sort of like a gift with purchase and ask my clients what do they think.  Other times I have simply boxed them up and sent them out.

I live close to water and I'm a boater.  Okay boating season is over but there is still some bright sun in North East.  I responded yes to the inquiry from Margaritaville Eyewear for those two reasons and when the snow hits it can be blinding.

My box arrived and, I honestly couldn't believe it was true. They they were in a fabulous khaki semi-hard zippered case.  I was liking that already.

I had my choice of any style I wanted.  I went with the Calypso with black frames.  To be honest I liked the brand name too.  When I do indulge in a cocktail it's a Margarita

I wear prescription glasses meaning most "plastic" lenses I can only wear if I'm out in the yard or sitting around.  I don't know how they did it but, I would swear I could see clearer and crisper then with any other plastic lenses I have ever tried.  I thought I was imagining it.

I checked their site and found that Margaritaville lenses have Margaritaville Polarized Technology (MPT) for short.  If you click the link you will see a demonstration.  I've had other sunglasses with polarizing lenses that were nothing like these.

Spring temples are a great feature.

Here is a better look.

A strap that actually secures into the frame instead of around it.  No slippage happening there.

A nautical tropical soft pouch polishing cloth was also included.
I liked the case has a clip on it.
No fumbling in your beach tote for the case.

As for fit.  These sat perfectly on my nose.  I tilted my head up and down and even did a few jumps they barely moved.  They rested perfectly around my face too.

The inside of the right arm has "watching the sun bake".
It made me laugh. I thought it was fun touch too.

Love, love the palm tree logo.  It's also discreet and not overdone.  
It's just right! I hope they don't ever change that.

Would I buy them? Yes!
I am already considering a pair for me DB in the aviator style.
He is a sunglasses maven. 

You can read more about them and purchase them here.

The fine print.   It is my own personal opinion and yours may vary should you decide to purchase a pair.  I was not paid to write the review.  I did receive the calypso Margarita sunglasses gratis to be able to write the review.


Seawashed said...

They look great! I always turn down all those emails too...but if they were to send me a pair to do a post...I would too! Lucky you. I like everything you pointed out about them. Now I will go check out their site. Thanks for letting us know.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The holes at the end of the ear pieces for the cords is GENIUS! Why hasn't someone thought of that before?

Anonymous said...

Sunglasses with such a great story!

Enjoy those palm trees!

Best wishes,

beachside cottage

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