Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stunning Soap Sculptures by Satin and Birch

Feast your eyes on these literal sculptures in soap by Leslie of Satin and Birch. 

Leslie offers these butterflies and hearts in large quantities
for favors but, she needs time to create so book early.

I discovered Leslie because The Log Chateau discovered me.
She put our work together in an Etsy Treasury called "Sea Dreams"
featuring  Leslie's colorful "Spa Shell" soaps and my "By the Sea" ribbon.

(see photos with orange frames around them)

I was so taken by the color and detail of the shell soaps I wrote to Leslie
shortly after the Treasury was posted asking if she had
another set.  I didn't want them to removed too quickly 
yet, at the same time simply had to have them.

You know how that is don't you?

Here they are in a larger view. 

Leslie wrote me back right away.  "No problem, I have more.".
Years ago I made soap, scrubs, and balms
and a little  boutique sold them.
Mine were nothing like these.

I had no idea I would turn  into some sort of stalker
viewing her bathing confections.

Poor dear.

I just kept looking and reading.

The pink bow in the upper right is also made of soap.

I was "sea struck" with these adorable little ships.

It has been a dream of mine to have horses, note I didn't say a horse.
I think horses are magnificent creatures.
I love to drive by horse farms hoping to catch a glimpse.

So when I saw this,

 and this

I was intrigued.  They were a little out of place among angel wings
hearts, butterflies, and shells.

 Until I clicked on  Leslie of Satin and Birch's descriptions and profile.

You see Leslie is an animal lover and in some of her own words
"If I could dedicate my life to animals I would.
I'm the nut who stays awake at night when the 
weather is bad worrying that the Animals have shelter."
(Sounds familiar)

She used to be a "beach girl" but relocated to where the wild horses roam.
"They roam around the foothills with grace and humility 
and respect for their surroundings."
(I couldn't have said it better) 

Now I was completely smitten not just with her work,
but that she memorializes the great American Wild Mustang.

That said; these Easter Eggs are great little hostess gift.

I would welcome this fresh white soap any time.

Roses for Mother's Day  or send some to yourself.

Did I mention all of Leslie's soaps arrive packaged for gift giving?

Go ahead and treat yourself

Thanks for stopping by Beach House Living (tm)

 The fine yet, required print.  This is not a paid endorsement or advertisement.  I approached Leslie asking if she would mind if I wrote a post and used her photos. Sometimes, I see the creations of others, and simply choose to celebrate and share their work.  If it brings them a sale, great. I'm happy.  My intent is to bring them a smile for seeing their work shown and talked about someplace else. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ticking and Toile's beautiful new bedroom and giveaway

Sure, I like the work of a number of designers yet, I'm really inspired when I see the work of other bloggers with pieces that have a story to tell.  Stories, where the piece came from or how they spruced up an existing one.

How they sanded, drilled, painted, cut, sewed, sweated and shopped to makeover their space.

Shellagh of  Ticking and Toile recently shared her hard work of her bedroom makeover.  I was exhausted after reading it and she is a mother of six no less. Now that is inspiring!

Shellagh made the pillows,  headboard

and dust ruffle too.

All in one of my favorite colors; white.

To celebrate completing this serious room re-do
Shellagh is also hosting a give away

I'd love to keep it a secret but, Shellagh is just so nice,
I'm helping spread the word, reluctantly I admit
as this one give away I'm entering for sure.

Here a just a few, that's right a few of things you will receive
If your are the lucky winner.

Jeanne d' Arc style Magasinet....
It's not written in English; who cares, we I only want it for the pictures anyway

Vintage silver plate.  A favorite of mine.

 A large white soup tureen which I don't own, but should.

To see the rest of this fab give away...

visit Shellagh's lovely new bedroom at Ticking and Toile

It's is truly transformed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

By the Sea hand stamped ribbons and gift tags

Obviously, I'm moving right into Summer 
with these "Sea and Shells" hand stamped ribbons.

Coffee stained and stamped in Aqua and dark chocolate brown
Simple By the Sea in
navy and gold metallic

These tags sold a few hours after they were listing.
Do you like them?  Let me know what you think.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Greetings - you never know luck happens sometimes

May you all have a lucky day.

Eight years ago we certainly did on St. Patrick's Day.

It was the day we adopted Noelle from an animal shelter.
I had been on the search one of these.

When I spotted her at a flea market
on March 16, 2002
where the shelter had set up a booth.

Her cage said I'm Noelle, me and my
three friends have lost our home.

I called her name and she looked at me
in such a way I knew she would be perfect us.

All night I talked about her and her short
little legs.  A far cry from a German Shepherd.

We almost didn't get her, someone had
asked if they could put her on hold
until a family member could meet her.

It was a nasty day of sleet and snow
when shelter called, saying we don't know
where they are but, you can come see her again.

We arrived five minutes before the shelter closed.
She ran right to us.
The shelter staff found that interesting.

I guess the other people aren't comming.
She is yours if you would like to have her.


Noelle is the most wonderful companion.
How's that for the ultimate flea market find.

Lucky us!

Monday, March 15, 2010

An Etsy Treasury feature - handmade flower pin

I was happily surprised to be notified one of my flower pins was selected for an Etsy treasury.

None of them have sold yet but, to be noticed for the amount of work that goes into them added a bright spot to the day.

It's the one with the black frame around it.

Here it is larger.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I did end up putting them on Etsy

Friday, March 12, 2010

Artist Design Spotlight Noel of Fanciful Designs

I'm sure all of you have opened up a post that links to someone else's work.  A few days ago I opened up this post by La Dolfina which led me to discover an incredibly talented artist named Noel of Fanciful Designs who had just recieved a request from "Christian Dior Parfums" for some of her paper mache' flowers.  (Don't miss her surprise shells)

I could not begin to comprehend receiving a work request from Christian Dior.

Here are her flowers as napkin rings

and as huge store window displays
Noel's sidebar had a photo of a fancy little shoe.
Made of paper and plaster.
I could picture this sitting on an ornate vanity
or at a bridal shower

Noel sometimes works in color

The hours of work that goes into these
shows in all of Noel's attention to detail
That's not all Noel crafts. 

She makes these lovely surprise shells which
caught this beach lover's eye.
You can tuck a little gift, note or favor inside.
Pretty and clever!
Can you imagine finding that trinket or
diamond ring you want in one of these?
When the surprise is removed they make a lovely keepsake and display
Pretty boxes.
Beautiful presentation for shell and sealife chocolates....

I've tried making similar boxes they are stuck in R & D

Stop by and visit Noel at Fanciful Designs
You can also find her work on Etsy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost spring beach photos

Even though the snow hasn't completely melted, the sun and higher temperatures last Saturday had me heading to check out the beach. 

A seagull walked right up and greeted me.

He posed for 3/4 view photo

and profile shot without being asked.

I like to try to freeze the motion of the water sometimes.

A tripod would have been handy for this one.

On the way out a group of Robbins were foraging around.

It was so nice at the beach I went again on Sunday.
The ocean was really really flat this time.


The weather is supposed to turn colder again.  
So I made third trip on Monday just before the sun was setting.

Until the next trip to the beach.