Monday, April 25, 2011

Beach and Bridal™ Shell bouquets centerpieces and cakes for the beach bride

I recently attended a wedding fair where this beautiful giant giga shell centerpiece was on display.

It was so beautiful filled with orchids, succulents and moss tucked in here and there. I kept taking photos of it.

I don't think there wasn't an attendee that didn't oh and ah over it.

It was sitting in front of this champagne, cream and latte colored rose and shell bouquet accented by lush tropical leaves and a wide simple satin bow.

The bouquet was sitting canted in a tissue filled box so the back and underside could be seen. So if you are wondering what the white is it is simply the tissue paper from the box it was in.


Three tier fondant cake accented with chocolate shells by Shore Chic
where you can order the shells alone for favors.

Crushed graham crackers mimic beach sand.


and of course I had to take photos of my hand stamped wedding silverware with it.

Another place that makes beautiful cakes and if you are in
Massachusetts I highly recommended Delicious Desserts
Where cakes are works of art.

Obviously, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Lisa Raffael's work has earned her being a three time medalist on the Food Network's cake challenge.
and was also on TLC's Fabulous Cakes

Even if you aren't in Massachusetts you can get these fabulous cake truffles shipped to your door.

Wonderful as wedding favors in these beachy little boxes.

Until next time....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beach House Living's My ice cream your ice spoons™ featured press Stuff Boston Magazine

Beach House Living's big my ice cream and your ice cream™ spoons were recently featured in Stuff Boston Magazine's "Get this" section.

 Almost as exciting was the photo I took of the spoons appeared.  

Summer at the beach and ice cream seem to go hand and hand don't they?

 My ice cream and your ice cream "big" spoons have become the go to gift for serious ice cream lovers and have been purchased for wedding gifts and anniversaries.

Stay tuned for a summery giveaway for your own set of my ice cream, your ice cream hand stamped silver plated spoons.  Details to be announced soon!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

New nautical and seaside style hand stamped bracelets and gift favor tags

Ta da! Introducing new hand stamped nautical and beachy designs that aren't silverware. 

(by the sea with starfish)

My new fancy font got a work out this week. 

(chart your own course)

Before investing any more dollars into sterling I thought
I would try 1100 pure aluminum to see how the designs work out.
There is supposed to be lower rate of skin reaction with 1100 pure aluminum then sterling.

(sun, sand, surf, shells with starfish)
 (the voice of the sea...)

Personalized tags for gift boxes

Tie one on to a napkin ring for a place card setting,

(a name borrowed from an order)

or tie around the napkin itself. Add a little shell that has a hole drilled in it.

Mark a wine glass or slip on a key chain.

Lots of possibilities. The best part is they can be used over and over again
and because they are aluminum means no tarnish.

Wedding or party favor tags.

It was a busy few days....hope you like them.
Suggestions welcome.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hammering awareness of Coral conservation

What is it about coral that I love so much.  Is it the many varieties? How it never goes out of style be it displayed in our homes or printed on anything from linens to paper.

 As a child living in the islands finding coral on the beach was my weekly goal.  Forays in glass bottom boats to see coral and sea creatures such as urchins and sting rays was always on top of my  list to things to do.  I was never bored by going over and over, as the sea is forever changing.

When I was about to turn 10 years old my request was for a pair of peachy pink coral earrings.  Tiny, smaller then a pencil eraser, I proudly showed them to anyone and everyone. Today, I would ponder before purchasing pink, black, golden, or red coral jewelery unless it was an antique.

Corals are among the most important animals in the ocean. They provide marine life with food, safe havens from predators and areas for reproduction, in addition to the other multitude of roles they play in the daily existence of millions of people around the world. More than 5,000 coral species (hard and soft corals) can be found in shallow and deep ocean waters.

As slow-growing organisms, corals often take years, decades or even centuries to recover from a disturbance, further intensifying the effects of environmental or human-induced impacts.

The map above shows the worlds reefs at risk.  Click to enlarge.

Today, coral reefs around the world are endangered.  In the Philippines alone more then 70% of the corals have been destroyed. Deep-sea corals are also under threat from ocean acidification and destructive fishing practices. Of particular note in the deep sea are the red, pink, black corals, where the biggest threat is extraction to meet consumer demand for jewelry and other decorative objects.

A campaign Too precious to wear has been started in an effort to reduce consumer demand for red and pink corals.

We must be more careful to preserve these wonders before all that is left are the pieces from old collections found on the beaches long ago.

In paying homage to coral using these photos I did my best with hammer in hand to create one of kind forks with "branch coral" designs. 

Read more about coral conservation by visiting these links.