Mr. Mrs. forks wedding cake forks

Beach House Living, the original designer of hand stamped wedding silverware Mr. and Mrs., Bride and Groom, Yours and Mine, His and Hers cake forks for weddings and anniversaries are now available here. My hand stamped wedding line of silverware has been featured on Brides. com, The, and fine wedding blogs.

The sets shown are some one of a kind antique and vintage sets that are only available via my blog.

Please keep in mind these vintage to antique forks and will have evidence of their prior years of service.

Oxford pattern introduced in 1901.
What makes this set special beyond its age is the Mrs. fork is what is 
called a luncheon size fork and is slightly smaller 
then the Mr. fork, which is a dinner fork.

This lovely antique set was found tossed in a pile and full of tarnish.
I didn't know  if they would ever come clean.  
Surprisingly they are in pretty nice shape for 
being 100+ years old.  One set is available

Offered at $65.00 includes a silver storage pouch.

Facher aka fan 1930's

An amazing set. Simple and elegant.  The photos do not do them justice.
These are beautifully balanced and weigh more then you think they would.
  I purchased these and some other interesting pieces from a woman who likes to attend high end estate auctions

(I'm actually sorry they were stamped, they are like works of art.)

The manufacturers mark appears to indicate these are older forks
although the pattern is still made with an oxidized finish.

Offered at $92.00 includes storage pouch.

Silver artistry

Beautifully scrolled handles make this pattern well sought after.

Offered at $68.00 includes storage pouch