Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Navy and White always right

What is it about navy and white that no matter how wrinkled or rumpled it seems to keep an air of crispness about it?

Restoration Hardware
We can attest the finely woven 100% linen shawl and shams by Libeco Linens are sublime.
Coastal Living

Adding a little navy to an all white room is a soothing and timeless classic that looks great any time of year.  When winter really sets in add some yellow and, or red for true nautical flair

Monday, October 12, 2009

This weeks flea market and thrift finds

The old covered jello mold with all of its silver loss is still a neat container. Paperwhite bulbs might look nice too. A huge pewter shaker for cinnamon or cocoa.

The most interesting and expensive find was the belt made from old silverplated spoon handles with a server acting as a buckle. Not too sure what do with it. It was too unsual to pass up.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Remnants of summer

How did summer slip by so fast? Tourists barely seen even on the weekends. Beach House Living lifeguard chair 09

No books being read in the parks.Beach House living park bench 09

Canoes in dry-dock. beach house living canoe

These geese were honking up a storm as if to say “Come on there aren’t too many days left to enjoy the water fountain.”Beach House Living geese 09Geese in pond 09 Purple martin birds will be leaving their adorable gourd like houses in the sanctuary.

purple martin Beach House living 09

The flags of summer will be taken down and put in storage…..

Beach House Living sandbar 09

So long summer. Hello, fall.