Monday, October 12, 2009

This weeks flea market and thrift finds

The old covered jello mold with all of its silver loss is still a neat container. Paperwhite bulbs might look nice too. A huge pewter shaker for cinnamon or cocoa.

The most interesting and expensive find was the belt made from old silverplated spoon handles with a server acting as a buckle. Not too sure what do with it. It was too unsual to pass up.


MyraMelinda said...

wow, you got some really cool items....i'm going to an estate sale tomorrow that I think is going to be worthwhile....(lots of oil paintings, flower frogs, and old water buckets, garden items....we'll see what we come back with....

Jan E O said...

Love the idea of using old flat ware as garden markers. Great way to upcycle and repurpose. I love everything like that. Wrote about it in my blog just the other day.

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