Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stylish Home Catalog and Room Styler

The wonderful team a Stylish Home notified me over the holiday weekend they had featured one of my items in their latest on line catalog Summer Weddings with Handmade and Vintage.

It was a nice surprise and so was visiting there page where you can style a room using the idea file gadget

You can browse the products on the site or upload your own photos, and select color palettes. There are also color and palette widgets.  How cool is that?  Plus there are design trends, buying guides, and home solutions.

Open publication - Free publishing - More decor

 Stylish Home Catalog Download.  You can also browse past editions.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nautical fashion basics

I found some fun nautical fashion collections.  A navy blazer is a must have. I have several of them in different fabrics. How many do you own?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nolasco Designs - Logo Design and Branding

If you are looking for a logo or business branding design let me share my experience with Michael of Nolasco Design  I had some idea in mind of what I wanted from color to overall look for my new shop Blue Sail Studios.

 The process starts with purchasing a listing from his shop on Etsy or contacting via his website. You will receive a questionnaire to complete about what you are looking for and send it back.

Michael was great about letting me know when I could expect to have some concepts.

 He also let me know the best way for us to communicate with each other so we remained on the same page with everything.

Michael presented a number of designs that out of the box were right on target of classic, crisp, and clean looking.  It was hard to narrow down the favorites.

One concept was to me, bold, strong and a bit modern looking instead of understated.  Not what I would normally select. I put it aside concentrating on the others until I went back and reviewed a question he had asked and my answer which was build a "brand".

I feel there is a difference between a business logo and branding. I may be wrong on that; who knows.
I think Michael designed all of them looking further into the future than I did. In the end the bolder, modern, yet, still easy on the eyes logo won out as the primary choice.  The more I look at it, the more possibilities I see.

I do hope at some point to incorporate at least one of the other two I liked.  Tell me what you think of it.

The fine required print. This is not an paid advertisement or endorsement and compensation has not been received. The post was to share my experience working with Nolasco Designs.