Monday, May 14, 2012

Nautical fashion basics

I found some fun nautical fashion collections.  A navy blazer is a must have. I have several of them in different fabrics. How many do you own?


Simple Daisy said...

Love your nautical style:) I must say....I don't own a single navy blazer:( Maybe I need to go shopping!!!

sealaura said...

YES YES and YES. I love this look. As much as I do like tropical stuff, nothing beats the classic preppy look. I'll take a pair of worn jeans and some stripes anyday.

PCovi said...

LOVE! But I have none...I am however collection wonderful vacationy
white cottony blousy tops because I think someday I'll retire/convalesce
in a beach community and will need that ease and sophistication LOL!

Zolie said...

Love your nautical look as well as your blog.


rjerdee said...

I'm missing the sea...up here in the cornfields :) Nice nauticals!

Rowantree Design said...

LOL, I am wearing one today. I have ten beautiful navy jackets, one very retro 'Ralph Lauren' and one I bought in Paris so long ago, these are my favourites. Navy and white strip tees and boat necks are my second favourite!

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