Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mystic Knotwork. A Family Tradition of Sailor Bracelets

Mystic Knotwork has a long standing family tradition of making decorative knots.  Located in Norwich, CT, close to the famed Mystic Seaport, Matt Beaudoin and, his wife Jill craft sailor bracelets and other nautical knot items.

They craft them one at a time just like the sailors of a hundred years ago.  There isn't any high tech machinery cutting or braiding the cord going on at Mystic Knotwork and, the cord is used in made in America. Love that!

In fact, to borrow Matt's words they believe in staying behind the times to maintain the authenticity of their products.

What Matt and Jill have done is added color! 

This orange one is so fun.

The rope trivet looks great on your table.

Mini monkey fist ornaments!

Wouldn't these be great mixed with some shells set up garland style?

How about a key chain?
Makes a nifty little holiday stocking stuffer or wedding favor.

Go on step back in time and treat yourself to one Mystic Knotwork's classic bracelets, mats or monkey fist goodies.

Photos courtesy of and copyrighted by used with permission.  No compensation of any kind has been received for this feature.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Semi DIY - Nautical and Mermaid Cabochon Magnets

Semi DIY refrigerator magnet makeover. Easy, peasy! Our refrigerator has a few magnets ranging from cooking measurements, to bare, plain and boring.  Mind you, there aren't many but, I wanted to get some that were of similar themes.

I didn't see ones I liked and remembered a shop on Etsy called Flora's Findings that was so helpful to me months before regarding shipping insurance.

Flora literally has hundreds of glass cabochon cameos in all sorts of themes that she makes. She offers setting frames for them separately that you glue the cabochon into. 

I only needed four maybe, six.  I couldn't decide what to get and ended up with ten!
 I went with two ships, four mermaids, and four lighthouses.

close up of the setting frames.

Flora included some care info with the cabochons.

Glue a good size magnet on the back using glue suitable for metals, and viola!  Your magnet board or refrigerator will have a mini makeover.

I like the ships the best.  What ones are your favorite?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Velvet pumpkins by Timewashed - beach white

I saw these particular velvet pumpkins from Timewashed featured by Completely Coastal I was smitten with the color described as sea mist shown in the center.  I don't buy many decorations since I prefer to use simple glass vases and lidded jars that can easily be changed for the season but, I have been wanting velvet pumpkins for some time, and so glad I waited to find these.

The sea mist color was sold out except for the petite one and, I snatched it up along with two white ones in larger sizes.  Becky of Timewashed was very detailed about how I wanted my pumpkins to look.  I went with fiber strands instead of shells.

When I opened the box this is what I saw.  Such sweet personal touches.  How much better could it get?

Well it did.  Each pumpkin was lovingly wrapped. 

I love them in all their, beachy, rustic, blingy glory.

Becky also offers her pumpkins in other fabrics.  Head on over to her pumpkin patch. to get yours.