Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mystic Knotwork. A Family Tradition of Sailor Bracelets

Mystic Knotwork has a long standing family tradition of making decorative knots.  Located in Norwich, CT, close to the famed Mystic Seaport, Matt Beaudoin and, his wife Jill craft sailor bracelets and other nautical knot items.

They craft them one at a time just like the sailors of a hundred years ago.  There isn't any high tech machinery cutting or braiding the cord going on at Mystic Knotwork and, the cord is used in made in America. Love that!

In fact, to borrow Matt's words they believe in staying behind the times to maintain the authenticity of their products.

What Matt and Jill have done is added color! 

This orange one is so fun.

The rope trivet looks great on your table.

Mini monkey fist ornaments!

Wouldn't these be great mixed with some shells set up garland style?

How about a key chain?
Makes a nifty little holiday stocking stuffer or wedding favor.

Go on step back in time and treat yourself to one Mystic Knotwork's classic bracelets, mats or monkey fist goodies.

Photos courtesy of and copyrighted by used with permission.  No compensation of any kind has been received for this feature.


Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Matt Beaudoin said...

Thanks for writing this up about our family business. It's a lot of fun helping decorate people's homes and continuing the nautical rope work traditions.

rjerdee said...

Mystic is right! However do they do that without a seam?

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