Sunday, March 1, 2009

Got a stinky dog? A quick winter solution


Okay, it’s winter and it’s cold so giving Rover a bath outside is out of the question and, quite frankly you’re a bit embarrassed to take him to a groomer since he stinks so badly.

To freshen smelly dogs fast we like  Lani "Beach" scented  body spray.      

If company is arriving in 3 minutes by all means give Rover a spray or two.

If you have 5 minutes, give Rover a quick brush and then spray.

For best results follow these steps:

1.  Give your dog a thorough brushing.  

2.  Wipe away eye crust with a cotton cosmetic pad or soft cloth moistened with warm water.  Do not use cotton balls or swabs (Q-tips)  around the eyes. Stray fibers from a cotton ball may land in the eye causing irritation and you could accidentally poke your dog in the eye with the swab.

3.  Clean your dog’s ears with a cosmetic pad moistened with rubbing alcohol or a cleanser especially for that purpose. Some also use a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and alcohol. Wearing rubber or latex gloves is a good idea. It can be messy as well as stinky.  Being gentle and not using cotton swabs (Q-tips) is essential to prevent injury to your dog’s ear canal.    1187495228221-242725769

4.  Spray your dog with Lani “Beach Body Spray” made with 100% natural ingredients and approximately 65% organic. 

5. Sniff your dog!  Bonus you can use Lani sprays year round between baths and never wake up to a stinky dog again. We hear some owners even dab themselves for a double blast of fresh!

Pick up some Lani dog shampoo’s, conditioners and sprays at  Beach & Bauble or Lani "dig your dog" . A clean dog is a happy dog!

Lani sprays are intended to freshen your dog and help soothe and moisturize their coats between regular baths.  Beach scent is also available in a shampoo and conditioner

Common sense: Avoid getting any Lani products in your dog’s, eyes, ears, mouth and nose.


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