Monday, August 17, 2009

Patio Makeover Salvaged Vintage Porch Columns

Originally our house had an 8 x 10 foot patio area which worked fine the first year using items we already had like the vintage wrought iron couch and chairs.  They were a set I simply had to have a few years before even though we had no place for them... 6-5-05 The year after we added an outdoor fireplace found at a close out sale and a larger table with chairs found at a garage sale. The patio was still missing something but we weren't sure what until one day it dawned on us some nice old columns would sort of frame the patio and be the perfect base for a gazebo or trellis.  All I could think of was how lovely climbing roses and some curtains blowing in the breeze would look. 
Last summer we heard an old house was getting a new porch so the columns would be headed for the wrecking ball unless rescued first.  Free for the taking,we didn't ask questions.  My DB loaded and unloaded all of these monsters smiling until we realized they were absolutely huge for the tiny patio and our small house. Recycled porch columnsUndaunted, he worked an entire weekend expanding the edges of the patio with stones and setting up the columns "temporarily" just so we could make plans for when the right sized ones came along.  Last week we found more columns but came up one short.  Luck was with us yesterday at the flea market, a single column just about the same size was there like it had our name on it.Beach House living salvaged porch columnsNow about those curtains…


Ticking and Toile said...

oh my goodness Rita!! Those columns are 2die4!!! I have an old one like that in my liv room & would love some for an outdoors room like that! It looks awesome!


wall fountain said...

Great Work you have done!!!

These Columns are really awesome.

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