Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Custom rubber stamps by Terbearco

If you want or need a unique rubber stamp for your handmade works, scrapbooking, company catalogs or you simply like decorating your mail look no further then Terbearco's Etsy shop.  Be warned they have so many offerings it may be difficult to choose just one, which is exactly what happened to yours/us truly.

I like mermaids so this one was a must have.  This was just a quick test stamp done at the kitchen counter so please keep that in looks much better in person. 

Originally we selected four designs.  By the time we contacted Terbearco's shop we had six, and added yet two more at the last minute.  Proofs arrived for our custom stamps in about two days.  We saw the notice the stamps would take three weeks but, we got them in a week along with a surprise gift of extra little stamps. Our mail will be a stand out now!

The custom stamps were mounted on a pretty thick block or you can insert the handle.  There is also a place to write what stamp your working with on the block or in this case so I don't stamp upside down.

Terbearco helped us narrow down a font and size for this "Regatta Bags" stamp which has been a venture in the works for some time.

Just so you know we didn't get paid or anything else to refer Terbearco's Etsy shop nor were we asked to write a post on our blog.  We are happy with our stamps; the service was great and thought we would pass the word around.


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