Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you for the sunshine award La Dolfina. I'm passing the sun along to.....

I was happily surprised by Therese of La Dolfina the other day with a Sunshine Award. It will always be special because the person that bestowed it just doesn't have a blog I truly look forward to reading, it is like
we are reunited friends from long ago thinking the same things, at the same time....from across the country. 
Before I get into keeping  what I understand is the tradition of passing this award along to a dozen other bloggers I'd like to take a moment to share some images from Therese's blog that hit home with this East Coaster. 
Therese's wonderful coastal bathroom
Her displays of nature are so artful.
Photo's from her treasure hunting.
I love shopping along with Therese.
She knows exactly what I would gravitate to...
and takes photos that have me chomping at the
bit wishing I could load them in my car.
I could add just about every photo of her treasure hunting
but that would spoil all of the fun of your enjoying her jaunts.
Therese loves meeting new bloggers so stop in for a visit at LaDolfina

Now without further delay of passing the rays
in no particular order
White-Living -Germany
Now make someone else smile by passing your Sunshine to others


La Dolfina said...

Oh Rita... you are the best, you know that?
Love you!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Thanks SO much!! Sunshine sounds so good right now!!

Simple Daisy said...

Thank you so very much!! Just what I needed:)

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Love the barnacles...I have some in my bathroom! xx

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I'm such an ingrate -- I never came by to thank you!! Manners, manners. I'm blaming it on my job...don't they know I have blogging to do? ;-)

Well you have definitely brought sunshine to my life so coming from you this is an honor. And I would like to also add that I would like to pick up Therese's bathroom and drop it in the shore house. Just sayin'. :-) It's perfect!

Thanks again and may you have many, many days filled with sunshine in return.

xo, Laura

Unknown said...

Can't wait to check out all the blogs you posted, I'm already a huge fan of LaDolfina!!!



Unknown said...

I'm a huge fan of LaDolfina, off to check out the Sunshine awards :)


larajanepark said...

I'm happy to be here too. You seem to like all of my favorite haunts. Did you ever go to A Day in the Country in Lafayette? I was the buyer and decorator for that shop...we sold it, but it was fun and filled with yummy French treasures and other antiques.

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