Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost spring beach photos

Even though the snow hasn't completely melted, the sun and higher temperatures last Saturday had me heading to check out the beach. 

A seagull walked right up and greeted me.

He posed for 3/4 view photo

and profile shot without being asked.

I like to try to freeze the motion of the water sometimes.

A tripod would have been handy for this one.

On the way out a group of Robbins were foraging around.

It was so nice at the beach I went again on Sunday.
The ocean was really really flat this time.


The weather is supposed to turn colder again.  
So I made third trip on Monday just before the sun was setting.

Until the next trip to the beach.


Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Beautiful photos- I can hardly wait to get out on the water again!

Simple Daisy said... the photographs!! They kind of look like Lake Michigan!! I can't wait until summer...but at least we're getting there:)

Lynda Howells said...

love your images. l love the beach. l live in london, UK and love it but l do miss the beach and the sea. having lived by it for most of my life,in one country or another...l do miss itxlyndax
( )

the old boathouse said...

Love the pics, that robin is so darling, cheers Katherine

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

What lovely glad I happened by! All the best,Chrissy said...

I love the still motion pics of the sea.

Stina said...

Lovely and cute pictures.:-) Stina

Unknown said...

Great pictures of the Sea Gull and the waves! Did you find any shells on your journey? Loving your blog, off to check out Noel at Fanciful Designs, her work is Fabulous!


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