Friday, March 12, 2010

Artist Design Spotlight Noel of Fanciful Designs

I'm sure all of you have opened up a post that links to someone else's work.  A few days ago I opened up this post by La Dolfina which led me to discover an incredibly talented artist named Noel of Fanciful Designs who had just recieved a request from "Christian Dior Parfums" for some of her paper mache' flowers.  (Don't miss her surprise shells)

I could not begin to comprehend receiving a work request from Christian Dior.

Here are her flowers as napkin rings

and as huge store window displays
Noel's sidebar had a photo of a fancy little shoe.
Made of paper and plaster.
I could picture this sitting on an ornate vanity
or at a bridal shower

Noel sometimes works in color

The hours of work that goes into these
shows in all of Noel's attention to detail
That's not all Noel crafts. 

She makes these lovely surprise shells which
caught this beach lover's eye.
You can tuck a little gift, note or favor inside.
Pretty and clever!
Can you imagine finding that trinket or
diamond ring you want in one of these?
When the surprise is removed they make a lovely keepsake and display
Pretty boxes.
Beautiful presentation for shell and sealife chocolates....

I've tried making similar boxes they are stuck in R & D

Stop by and visit Noel at Fanciful Designs
You can also find her work on Etsy.


La Dolfina said...

Wow Rita... what an amazing spotlight you've shown on Noel's wonderful artistry. You've really managed to capture her talent so beautifully. After reading this post it's no wonder that The House of Dior came knocking on hers!!
Many kudos on a fitting tribute to Noel's fanciful creations!
~xo always!

the old boathouse said...

Oh my they are so amazing.. she is such an amazing talent, no wonder she has recieved such notice...ntaure is rarely improved upon but those shell boxes truly are magical, cheers Katherine

Anonymous said...

Her work is quite beautiful! I can't imagine Dior contacting me either; I would probably drop from a heart attack! Very pretty blog, thank you for visiting mine. Marcia

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

The flowers are so gorgeous..., and the seashell is the cutest thing and best idea for a little surprise!

Lynda Howells said...

Isn't her work amazing.good finxlynda said...

I love the big flowers in the window display.

Sanity Fair said...

These are so beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. It's so amazing to see what can be done with paper!

Simple Daisy said... pretty! so girlie:)

Noel Solomon said...

Rita! I was just going through my comments and Therese said you did a post on me... and oh my goodness.. this is such a special post!! Thank you so much for putting together such a thoughtful post with your kind thoughts and words! :-)) My heart is smiling knowing someone appreciates my work. You are a GEM!

xo Noel

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