Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sparkly and Shiny little finds

Newest finds.
Beach House Living(tm) rhinstone snowflake pin 2-2010
Beach House Living(tm) urchin pin 2-2010 
This 60’s starfish pin is a riot.
Beach House Living(tm)vintage  coral crystal starfish pin 2-2010 
Really old paste rhinestone earrings set in sterling silver.
Beach House Living (tm) vintage sterling paste rhinestone earrings 2-2010
And of course what outing would be complete without more silver plate.  Beach House Living silver casserole 2-26-2010 (3)
Hardly any pitting at all.
Beach House Living silver casserole 2-26-2010 (1)
It shined up rather nicely.
 Beach House Living silver casserole 2-26-2010 (2)
It’s already housing a non blooming orchid with shells and moss around it.  Maybe, I’ll use it for a spring display instead of the big lidded jar that changes with the seasons.
It definitely needs more stuff to fill it….
I guess I will have to collect more treasures for it.
 Beach House Living silver casserole 2-26-2010
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Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

These photos are just lovely- wonderful finds...and great vintage jewelry!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Fabulous finds! I actually really like that second pin with the cluster o' unique! I've been picking up pins at thrift shops to add the bags that I make. I've had a lot of luck finding some at a newish thrift store by Fort Monmouth. Nothing sparkly (my preference :-) but some fun designs.

Simple Daisy said...

Ooh what fun finds!!!!!

Sanity Fair said...

These are fabulous! I love the first brooch especially. Where do you like to shop for vintage?

La Dolfina said...

Oh I adore you sparkly finds!!!
I have a habit of finding vintage jewelry with seashell motifs. Yours are gorgeous!!
I wish we could hang out... we are kindred spirits:)

God's Pittbull said...

I adore vintage jewelry...esp. star shaped!I therefor love the starfish brooch!!Isn't he or she adorable?!!

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