Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Enter to win a Give Back. You act, I give. Celebrating World Oceans Day.

Wearing blue today in celebrating World Oceans Day had me thinking we can all do more to preserve and respect our oceans. You can "Seas the Day" and take ocean conservation personally.  Please take a moment to read and reflect before scrolling down to the "Give Back".

Our beaches are simply the "edges" of the ocean.

Things we do

oil covered beaches

(photo cnm news)

oil covered life struggles

 (photo National Geographic)

 and oil covered death; all heartbreaking

Lack of Proper Regulations and Control Standards.

 (photo National Geographic)

Over Fishing.

 (photo National Geographic)

Not caring what's landed in the net.

(photo National Geographic)

 Not Stashing our Trash.
 according to the Ocean Conservancy trash travels from our
hands to the sea. Their 2010 marine debris report is astonishing.


Things we don't do;
like paying better attention

To the facts that consistent use of plastic bags & 
excessive use of non re-usable water bottles 
helps fuel the need to drill for oil.

Or marine life thinking our trash is food; 
consumes it and dies, or becomes entangled in it.

Did you know marine trash impedes oil spill clean up?

 (photo NOAA)
Sea lion with a packing strap embedded in it's neck

Needless suffering

(photo NOAA)
This is one of the few to receive help; thousands do not.

Now for the (my) "Give Back"
I'd like to help clean the birds affected by the BP oil spill
but, lack the required certifications.

What I can do is be a better steward
and encourage others to do the same.

So, here is a little cache of  beachy, and environmentally friendly goods  
from our online store Beach & Bauble. to help the winner get started.
 Beach & Bauble (tm) switched to a "green hosting" company 
last week and have a new website under construction sorry for the inconvenience.

Oka-B shoes. Recyclable according to International Universal
Recycling Code#3.  Send them back to be turned into new pairs.
Made in USA, reflexology inspired design, non marking
antimicrobial, and oh so comfortable.  I have two pairs.
This color may not be available in all sizes

 Aromafloria home pedicure kit
USDA certified organic manufacturing facility, organic
essential oils, fair trade ingredients, wind powered facilities.

The Laundress Delicate wash - Love this stuff!
100% biodegradable, concentrated requiring less packaging
essential oils, not artificial fragrances. Allergen, phthalate, paraben free.
Laundress recycles all their shipping and packaging components.

Sea Bags recycled boat sail tote.  Great for the market or the beach.

Recycled silverware garden marker from my Etsy Shop
Your choice of the one shown above or opt for
a personalized one with your first name, blog or business name.
(keep in mind some names are too long to fit)

The best part is most of the standard rules of entry don't apply.
I will leave that up to you to decide.
I would love help spreading the word.

Sounds too good to be true?
 Your sort of right!

To enter, you have to do something.

Rules of Engagement
Open to residents of USA, England, Canada, France, Australia, Italy, Spain,
No anonymous comments. You must have a blog.

Leave a comment about what environmentally friendly action
or actions you practice.  From using recycled paper
 making your own grocery totes, green friendly cleaners
to participating in "coastal clean ups"


Random Act of kindness/Pay it forward.
This is doing something knowing the favor will not be returned.
In this case you might win this give back
Holding the door doesn't count. Letting the person that has twice the
amount of groceries you have in your cart go ahead you of does.

Volunteer work at local food banks, animal shelters, blood donations
reading to the ill, or children at your local library, or if you participated  
in the "2009 Wreaths across America", equine programs 
for the disabled, things like this count. 
Volunteering to coach a sports team does not.

Winner must supply first name or user nickname for winning announcement
(Note:  Laundress and pedicure kit may not be shippable outside U.S.)
We will figure out an alternative item for you.

Ends  June 18th, 2010

Each of us is "response-able"
We can, together, make a difference.
Thank you everyone

June 9th, 2010 Marie from  Marie's Maison offered information regarding volunteer opportunities at Volunteer Louisiana to deliver food to families affected by the oil spill and other needs.


Shorely Chic said...

Thank you for this - so very inspiring and what a wake up call!

Lady Grey said...

Even though it's hard to see some of these pictures, it's so important! Thank you for this reminder... even when we consciously do our best to lower our environmental impact, we can always do more.

My personal environmental action is supporting Taking Root, a sustainable reforestation organization that empowers local communities while rebuilding the deforested rainforest.

Arabella said...

First, I must say that this is a truly wonderful thing you are doing and I'm privaleged to know you through the Blog world.

Second, what things do we do to help the environment?

We gave up using paper towels and paper napkins two years ago.

We use reusable grocery totes for shopping.

We do not buy bottled water anymore...tap water it is.

We use both sides of our printer's paper and the back sheets of our address labels. We also recycle our toner cartridges & get refilled ones instead of new.

We regularly pick up garbage while on the beach and dispose of it properly or re-use in craft project (depending on what it is).

We do all errands in one day, using a planned route so that we don't waste gasoline driving around everyday.

We are upgrading all of our old appliances to Energy Star and installed a digital thermostat as well as use CFL bulbs in all lamps.

I'm sure there is more, just can't think of it. I'll post your giveaway on Facebook, Twitter etc to get the word out.


Everything Coastal said...

Hi! Love this post, great job. Here's what I do: extra bag goes with me on all beach walks to simply pick up the garbage. We try to reuse ALL bubble wrap and packing peanuts, and boxes for orders and merchandise received at the Caron's website.

We also donate 25% of glass starfish sold on the site to http://www.oceanconservancy.org

Privet and Holly said...

I love this and will try and place it on my sidebar. I have only posted a giveaway once....my own!....so I will have to give myself a refresher course on how to do it. Now, for the contest....We do NOT buy plastic water bottles, but instead use our own bottles or heck....even a GLASS once in a while : ) I also volunteer at an organization that helps people who are un- or underemployed find jobs that pay a living wage....many of them reformed felons. I volunteer at school in many capacities and am a deacon at our church, which does a TON for the local and world community. Okay, going to RUN now and try and do this. Especially timely with what is going on with BP and the terrible oil spill! xx Suzanne

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I reuse the few plastic bottles I have over and over, then put them in my recycle bin (I keep filling them up with filtered water). I use my own bags when I go grocery shopping. I also recycle paper, and never leave trash anywhere, and I use biodegradable cleaner..., things in the future. A hybrid car, or at least one that uses much less gas, and shorten the commute for my husband. I guess that's it for now.

Great post!! It's a shame that we allow all this to happen!

Anne Lorys said...

This is a wonderful cause and what a lovely giveaway!

I use only environmentally friendly cleansers and also recycle faithfully. I love our oceans, and it's just heartbreaking what's going on with the BP oil spill.

Have a wonderful week!

michelle said...

I have been replacing my cleaners in the house with greener cleaners and really pay attention to things that I can recycle. I teach my kids how to recycle and look at different bottles, boxes, etc and know what they can put in what recycle bin. It is not alot, but I hope that little by little we become more aware of what we are putting in our environment and how it effects it.

Simple Daisy said...

What a lovely post and a fabulous give-away:)

I recycle all that I can and pick up trash whenever I see it while i'm out and about!

I also try to re-use all that I can before I throw it away!
thanks for the give-away:)

Seawashed said...

Wow this is a wonderful post! I am not commenting to win...I am not a blogger that goes around to all the givaways...I'm here because I am interested in the World Oceans Day that I just read about at Completely Coastal. I'd never heard of it. So thank you for honoring it too! I have spent my life trying to live as a natural as possible(called green, nowadays)...I use canvas bags(no paper or plastic please), or baskets or recycled made bags, I raised my four children using cloth diapers, cotton, organics, no chemicals, homemade baby foods, homemade meals, organic gardening, very little makeup(made organically), no hair dyes(no salons), I cut my kids hair, hubby cuts mine(now my kids are teens they dye their hair, but not by me), ride bikes/walk rather than drive, and recently we've been more focused on NOT spending...simplifying...live with what we need, rather than wants. In my 20's and 30's we lived with very little...didn't even have 'real' furniture...we are trying to return to that. We donate, recycle, givaway...etc There is so much more we can do.

annechovie said...

Great post! I recycle all of my plastic - it's the least I can do.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Rita~ this is such a great post~ something we all need to be more aware of! We recycle everything we can, bring yard waste to be composted, use mulch to save water. I recycle as many used items as I can in trash to treasure projects and shop thrift and garage sales rather than buying new whenever I can. This post makes me want to think even more about what I am using daily! Thanks!

Unknown said...

What a great post and a lovely giveaway! I think you have covered a very important issue that we should all be more aware of. It is just a part of life for us to be respectful of our surroundings and caring for what God has provided. This includes recycling, reusing, and repurposing whatever we can. Using our own totes for shopping. Never littering and choosing the safe options for our environment whenever possible! Nellie xx

Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

What a wonderful thing you're doing, I applaud you for putting this out there so we can all see the damage that's being done to our environment. We try to do as much as we can to reduce our environmental footprint - recycling, saying no to plastic bags, we keep chickens to help recycle garden waste, we live on tank water only, and are just about to swap to solar hot water. But I think we need to realise that if each of us does their bit, we'll make a huge impact collectively. Love what you're doing, and I'll do my bit to spread the word! K xx

Lara said...

Thank you so much for spreading awareness.. every small change we can make helps. This has always been a topic near & dear to my heart. I've been an eco-friendly person for a long time. Here are some things we do:

- Recycle everything that can be recycled.

- Use "Eco-Bags" for shopping.

- I used Fuzzy Bunz cloth diapers with my first child for his first year in diapers.

- We try to keep local for summer farmstand produce & support local farms.

- No more styro (Dunkin D's) coffee cups.. I only order the small which is paper or else i do a plastic iced latte & recycle that.

- I do gift wrap in brown kraft wrap & encourage it to go straight to the recycling bin after X-mas.

- I am a very advid Goodwill shopper.. It is very rare I buy brand new.. my only addiction is ikea. ;)

- I use all natural cleaning products.


paperbird said...

these pictures are heartbreaking but a great visual to help us from recreating these horrible consequences. I am a big bottle water drinker- i am trying very hard to break this habit. I don't leave the water on (anymore) while I brush my teeth. Daily I am trying to break my bad habits that are creating havoc on our beautiful planet.

Digella said...

I love this post and I think what you are doing is fantastic.

In my home we make it a competition to watch our electricity / gas / water charts go down each time the bill comes. It’s a great challenge for the children to get involved with.

We also have a rule that if someone leaves a room and doesn’t turn the light off, they have to pay $1 into 'the jar'. This also gets used when (while I am rushing), I accidently put something recyclable into the bin. (those kids are onto me!) Then we donate the money to a charity of the children's choice.

We also participate in Clean up Australia Day every year. Our local council has also introduced the option of taking a larger recycling bin for a $30 once off fee and a Green Waste Recycling bin for garden waste to be recycled. HOW GOOD IS THAT! We have taken both of those options for our house in the city.

At the house I am in the planning stages of building in the country www.buildingthelakehouse.blogspot.com we are putting solar electricity, tank water, gas cooking and a recycled sewerage treatment system in.

I am so proud of what we have been inspiring our children to become – green thinkers.

Its not the most we could do, but its something!


red ticking said...

BRILLIANT POST and i am so glad you kicked us all into doing a much better job... BRAVO.... xx

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

I am so thrilled that Maya over at Completely Coastal pointed me in your direction. I just yesterday posted an homage to my memories of Destin's white sands on my personal blog. My heart is breaking for our beautiful Gulf Coast and the habitat that is suffering.

Whenever we're down at Destin, my husband and I make our power walks a trash gathering expedition as well. We've also been using reusable totes for all of our shopping for a couple of years now. Always searching, searching for ways to help, improve, grow. Thank you for the inspiration to continue the quest.

iheartsunnydays said...

Thanks for visiting my World Ocean Day post! Those oil slick damage photos make me fell mad and sick. Some things I do to help out are all my paper goes to the lady up the road who makes her own recycled paper, I always use tote bags for my groceries and where possible I buy organic food. Even little things like empty loo paper rolls and cleaned milk cartons go to the local day care/primary schools for the students art classes, or when out walking I pick up rubbish. Just little things that can make a small difference, but if everybody did it it would make a huge difference. Thank you for your post - it has been great reading through the comments and seeing what else I can do!

Teri said...

Fantastic post...even if it brought morning tears. I have 20 Whole Foods shopping bags that I use for my shopping. I'm working on reducing my energy use. DH carries a trash bag on his walks and picks up trash.

We are trying to make it a lifestyle.

Lisa Ochwat said...

I have worked really hard to make my business as green as possible. I am a photographer, alphabet photography that is and am excited at my success. I made very clear choices when I began three years ago. I have my frames handmade by an Amish woodworker, so everything is local and sustainable. He picks up the glass for the frames in his buggy! I use recycled cardboard as backing for the frames and there is a keyhole on the back for hanging, rather than a hook. Additionally, I use biodegradable bubble wrap for any shipments that I do. My latest and perhaps most exciting part of running a green company is that in just a few weeks, one tree will be planted for every purchase made through The Nature Conservancy's, Plant a Billion Trees initiative. I would love the support of other environmentally minded folks! www.NatureScripts.com.

I do lots of personal green living, but think that my business initiatives are a bit more exciting. Thanks to all of you for what you do to keep this planet green!


Unknown said...

I am part of the "green team" at my office. We are a small group of environmental advocates that have eliminated styrafoam cups and coordinate a weekly recycling pick up. Future efforts are aimed at adding electronics to the recycling program.


La Dolfina said...

The Give Back is a brilliant idea Rita!!!
I love your commitment to our oceans and environment and you have found a wonderful way of making your point and getting us to reflect and do more to make a difference!
I obviously could do more and many of your commenters have given me some great ideas on how to reduce my carbon footprint! We use cloth bags for our groceries, stopped buying plastic water bottles, shop at Farmers Markets, recycle our trash, use natural cleaners and body products, shop at consignment, garage, thrift stores etc. and buy less. Most of all... I do random acts of kindness as often as possible as that makes me the happiest and feels like the best way to give back and make a difference in the universe. We have much to be grateful for and the best way to honor our blessings is to give back... so I thank you Rita for making a difference in blogland with your unique and creative Giveaway with a twist!!!
Love you and am so proud of you :)

Marie said...

Thanks for this inspiring post! My heart aches everytime I see the birds covered with oil from the latest disaster in the south. I'd luv to be counted in and I do my daily effort to recycle cans, papers, water. I have three 50 gallon barrels in my backyard to save rain water; living a few blocks from the ocean, hubby and I participate in coastal clean ups. You are awesome for reminding us about this very important message!

Unknown said...

wow.. open to residents of France, and not Italy?!?

Well, we live near the beach outside of Rome, Anzio. Here, it can get quite warm, and one of the enviromental things I am doing is talking my husband into installing sun-shades (or sun curtains, haven't quite decided) instead of installing an Air conditioner!

Next, we are building an external shower so that when we come back from the beach we can leave the sand OUTSIDE of the house and the plumbing. We will be making our OWN solar water heating panel to put on the roof of the shower. So easy to find instructions on the internet!

Lastly, when we moved to our home, instead of tearing down tile walls in the kitchen because we didn't like the accent tile... I found a hip and less wasteful solution: I glued shells to the wall to hide them!

Here is my blog:



mary Jones said...

love what you're doing!

we used reusable grocery bags..and lots of them! no more bottled water. no paper towels or napkins (people think we're crazy, when in fact they're the crazy ones). our printing mistakes become scrap paper for notes and other printing jobs. we turn the ac up in the summer and the heater down in the winter. recycle everything possible: print cartridges back to the store, glass jars get used around the house.


Marie said...

P.S. Your post inspired me so much that during my upcoming vacay to New Orleans, I just volunteered through Catholic Charities to visit families affected by the oil spill...we will be delivering food to the families and take a survey of other things they need. Here's a really cool website if any you know wants to volunteer or if you want to add it to your post: http://www.volunteerlouisiana.gov

Cashon&Co said...

GREAT post. my heart stopped when I saw the dead animal (otter? seal?) on the beach. *sigh....
I still cut the plastic that holds my six packs of soft drinks, because years ago they said animals in the ocean get their heads caught in them ... i still dont' know if that's real truth or urban legend, but I still do it!
great suggestions here too. :)

Unknown said...

Rita, this pictures just broke my heart...So very sad...
I am tryin to do my part, but, obviously, it is not enough. At times I feel so helpless.

S and O said...

I see what you mean by not a 'happy post' but an awareness post.
It's good to have reminders like this.
Thanks for sharing even though some of this was indeed very sad ;( It's just terrible what's happening to those poor birds and wild life with that oil spill...


Loui♥ said...

I do all I can to promote as well as preserve our environment.
*recycle/re-purpose/reuse everything possible.
*do NOT buy bottled water, therefore no plastic bottles to deal with.
(bottled water is bottled in the city from city water sources: check the label.)
*I grow timber, any harvested is replanted. I do not "clearcut" but use best forestry methods of management for timber production, food and cover for wild game.
*anything taken to the beach or lake, garbage and trash are taken home and disposed of properly. any found trash is also picked up and removed!
*I take/and use my own shopping bags..not plastic.
*use as many environmentally friendly products as possible for my cleaning.
*use water wisely!
*and yes, we do random acts of unexpected kindness as often as possible.
will be posting later today photos from my trip home to the gulf coast beaches of Florida.
warm sandy hugs..Loui♥

Unknown said...

Loved your post Rita! We treat others the way we want to be treated, all things included. Teaching my children to respect our precious land and ocean. (God ain't makin' any more).

Christina said...

wow, such an important post and important message. don't worry about entering me in the giveaway and i just wanted to say thank you for sharing this. makes my heart heavy but it's nice to know *some* people are wanting to do more. thank you!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

oh this is wonderful- Thank you so much for sharing these images, your words and I think this is THE most wonderful give back- For such a good cause-
I use cloth bags, I recycle, I compost, I reuse everything that I can ie: yogurt containers, waterbottles, ziplock bags, toilet paper rolls.
I run workshops which promote eco art for children as art is my passion and saving the world is our way of life.
The most important thing I think we can do it teach our children these lessons- My monkeys don't understand when they go to someones home and snacks are served on disposible plates- They question it (privately of course) and we talk about it-
Anyway- I am thrilled to meet you (virtually) and I look forward to returning- as well as catching up.
renladyofthearts at gmail.com

Heaven's Walk said...

Heartbreaking. That's all I can say. Those pictures, the oil spill, the abuse of our environment.....just heartbreaking.

I use fabric bags for grocery shopping.

We've switched over all of our lightbulbs to the energy saving ones.

We can and freeze as many things out of our own garden as possible.

We recycle old furniture and clothes and donate to GoodWill or Salvation Army.

We make sure the wildlife that live on our property are as safe as possible - and well fed!

I tell you, if I lived down south, I'd be the first one in line to volunteer to help clean up those poor oil soaked animals...

Thanks for this important post today.

Hugs ~


Just Us said...

for me it is about teaching my children...don't let the water run etc. Or to speak up when checking out at the store that NO you don't need a bag! We just did that one. Or how about just seeing trash in your path? Sure you didn't put it there but it doesn't mean you can't be the one to pick it up! I think the more little things she sees me do the more she will take in to her own life as she grows and it will become habit. I also practice random acts of kindness on a daily basis. Sometimes it is just leaving an anonymous note on a coworkers desk that she looks great today! Thank you for requesting that we all tell you what we do to help our planet. I found some great ideas for other things I can be doing. My blog was just started last year when I turned 51. It is nothing like your beautiful blog or others that I now can't miss! I have taken your button and will now follow you too! I am a California girl by birth and heart. I Love the ocean! I am land locked now and miss it every day! My blog is www.seaglassandsunshine.blogspot.com. My initial blogs all tied in seaglass and then my kids started making fun lol

Just Us said...

oops I forgot to add my first name... It is Colleen www.seaglassandsunshine.blogspot.com

Rose West said...

I don't call myself an environmentalist, but I do believe that conservation and taking care of our surroundings are important. In our home, we recycle cans and bottles, use canvas bags for shopping, reuse plastic bags to pick up after the dog, and conserve water when we can. Little things, I know, but still important.

Beth said...

Hi Rita, What a thoughtful yet tragic post and I'm so glad that you had the kindness and thoughtfulness to post it. The images are, indeed, very difficult to view but necessary if we are to do something about this horrific damage.

We have been conservationists for years and take every opportunity to recycle, and, locally we contribute to "Save the Bay," and always come back home with garbage in our hand from our nightly walks down to the beach.

I will add this post to my sidebar as a small way to continue the momentum of this honest post!

xoxo Beth

Kathysue said...

I know we are so aware because of the oil spill but as you have shown we have all contributed to the destruction of our beautiful beaches, it just saddens me so much. Thankyou for your honest wake-up call,Kathysue

Rusthawk said...

I pay it forward by helping the elderly at each opportunity that presents itself. This can be anything from anonymously mowing an elderly neighbor's yard while he is napping, unloading groceries into the trunk for an elderly lady, transferring everything from a cart to a conveyor belt at the grocery, or just sitting with an elderly neighbor and listening to them reminisce. Giving back to our elders is one of the most important things we can do as a society.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures made me cry... seriously, so sad. We have several rescue animals...and believe so deeply in taking care of animals. Also the pay it forward concept. One of the other things we do is composting. Small stuff... i know, but it helps. Thanks for reminding us on what really goes on!

Unknown said...

WOW, what a great idea for a giveaway! We have been "going green" for about 6 years now, so I'm pretty hardcore about it these days. We recycle everything, use cloth napkins, buy organic, avoid plastic whenever possible, and bring our own bags to the groceryt store just to name a few things! Thanks for this great giveaway...I just love it!!! I'll put it up on my sidebar...

Hugs ~

:) T

Shellbelle said...

Thank you and thank you to Maya for pointing me in your direction! What a fabulous post, so near and dear to my heart. I grew up in California on the Pacific, I just moved to Coastal Georgia on the Atlantic after spending the last ten years in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Saltwater runs through my veins and protecting our oceans is a priority with me.

No plastic water bottles, mine are reusable eco-friendly.
No paper napkins, paper plates or paper towels are found in my home.
Every single lightbulb is energy-efficient.
Have my own grocery bags since the 70s (a California-hippie thing)
Too many beach and lake cleanups to count.
Energy Star stove and fridge.
Leave only footprints in nature, shoot only photos.
Buy from sustainable fisheries and only what is on the list at the Monterey Bay Aquarium website.
Pick up trash left by others.
Write my elected officials on important environmental issues.
Bought my last car in 2006, based on gas mileage (34 mpg). Have driven just under 20,000 miles in the last four years!
Buying a bicycle in the Fall (a pink one).
My recycling bin is always fuller than my trash bin.
Annoy friends and family by telling them how to save our planet, lol.

The list goes on and on, but I also participated in the World Oceans Day 2nd Annual Oceanic Blog-A-Thon. Last year I wrote about our Mangrove trees in Florida and their impact on our ecosystem and this year I wrote about oysters and how Georgia is restoring the oyster reefs along our coast. Hope you'll join us next year!

Oh, and one last thing, I surfed in here from Maya's and found another beachy blog to add to follow!

Anonymous said...

great post Rita. My heart just breaks over this mess as much as I love the ocean. My business is all about recycling which I have done since I started housekeeping....41 years ago. The Vintage Nest also gives a portion of profits to the local animal shelter. I use hand made cloth totes for shopping and I recycle all my business packaging goods. The other day I paid the toll on the little bridge for the guy behind me. That's always fun! Have a super great day.

Simple Home said...

I loved reading this post. Our family has been recycling for years. It just made sense. I recently found out about Monsanto's monopoly on soybeans and how they treat the farmers that don't grow Monsanto's seeds. I'm now signing petitions and calling on politicians. The ocean has always held a special place for our family. My husband is a surfer, and we grew up by the beach.

Williams 5 said...

Love your blog, My kids since day one have been taught to walk up and down the beach and pick up all the trash we can find, then we play. We have always been recyclers of anything reusable and the beach is our second home all year.

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

Just buy and reselling antiques is one great way to RECYCLE! Also I buy old items and repurpose them so they don't end up in the junkyard. Of course, taking my wicker or metal shopping cart to the market along with a canvas tote saves the landfills from those awful plastic bags! Love your blog and etsy shop. Please enter us in your wonderful GIVEAWAY!

The Memoirs of Anastasia said...

I love this post! I have radically changed my little family's practices in the past six months; from giving up disposable products (napkins, paper owels, sponges, etc) in favor of reusable cloth alternatives, to switching all of our personal care and cleaning products for all-natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free products, and even becoming vegetarian (and on our way to vegan, this includes our dogs, too!) and so much more. In fact, I'm currently compiling a list of our changes to be shared on my blog in a few weeks. A lot of people are surprised to learn that becoming vegetarian is one of the best things you could ever do for the environment. Of course, I'm not saying those who aren't vegetarian are wrong, or anything like that (you'd be surprised at how many people get their feathers ruffled even when I try to share information in a respectful, non-judgmental way...and usually the person I'm talking to isn't even them). I try to encourage my friends on Facebook to think about their actions and recommend earth-friendly alternatives to those who will listen. :) Anyhoo, I wish more people would use their voice in a positive way like this!

LuLu said...

Such a powerful post! thank you so much! there is so much we all can do... needed the push to remind myself and others.

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a beautiful heart you have. Thank you for raising awareness of and interest in HELPING the planet and all living things on it. YOu are so generous. With the mess in the Gulf of Mexico, my heart breaks every time I think about it.

I am a reusable bag junkie from way back-- before it was "fashionable". I haven't had a plastic shopping bag in my home for years-- not even for produce (I take my own mesh bags for that too) and I'm a big supporter of organic produce growers.

Thank you for your generous giveaway. Please stop by my blog and enter my giveaway too!


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