Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ut oh! Don't try this at home.

Ever have a party and you have a lovely buffet set up only to have your tablecloth flapping in the breeze?

Me and my ideas of what can I do with this = torn rotator cuff.  I like the result but not the four (4) plus weeks of pain that seems to have no end in isn't appealing.

Imagine this conversation. Well you see doctor, I like to make stuff from other stuff and I had an abundance of some stuff. For a year I thought about making new stuff with that pile of abundant stuff. I had so many I donated dozens to a local charity thrift shop.  After failed attempts at the idea I tried something different. I just went for it; big time. I was so excited that I didn't pay attention to the first tinge of pain. My deluded brain equated it to sore muscles from being a major lazy bones.  My idea of exercise which was once super regimented at 4-5 days a week at 6:00 am has turned into strolling down the stairs to the kitchen.

It's nothing.  It will go away in a few days.~ Reminder to self get off the chair and go for a walk in this lifetime.

 It was these in particular and I am keeping them.

It wouldn't be so bad except brushing my hair or zipping up a dress which I do with my right arm has me doing that sucking in air while clenching my teeth thing and yes, I admit a few yelps have expounded out as well.  Now, since the doctors I have actually been to can't figure out what is going on with my entire left side maybe, it's not a good idea to be working with hammers or any other type of equipment.

Instead of the typical weights, these will add some flair to your
table cloths. From gingham to beaded.

One client wrote she be using them at her wedding with burlap table runners.  
She will be putting three on each end.

Doesn't that sound lovely?

You could also hang these in windows or use as ornaments.
I think a few of these on some sturdy white branches would be fun.
I am still working on fan and light pulls.

These weights work best on solid tables 
mesh or open tables need two (2) weights in each corner.

Now if your thinking I have a ton of knives I don't use and I'm going to make some myself
Stainless varies in gauge the lower the gauge the harder it is to cut.
I wasn't using anything like tin snips either.

Oh! Did I forget to mention I tore my rotator cuff in the process of making these?

So who every wins my give back giveaway coming up which includes
a set of four. I really hope you love them.


Julie@beingRUBY said...

oh my goodness.. you poor thing.. i can imagine the pain you must be in... seriously it can't be pretty... get lots of rest.. of course easier said than done if you don't have a hand maid just waiting in the wings to brush your hair and zip your dress!! hehe,,, hang in there..

LOVE the tablecloth weights.. I'm sure whoever wins will be appreciative of the your sacrifice!! hehe...

PS.. thanks for lovely comment.. I really just play around with it all till something i like pops up.. and the birds? haven't seen them lately.. must go visit..

Take care of you! .. ciao xxx Julie

Unknown said...

oh my gosh...I am so sorry you tore your rotator husband has had surgery on both shoulders for the same thing. I will pray for your healing.
They are gorgeous....and what a great idea!!!!

rjerdee said...

O, not good. Rotator cuff injuries are notoriously painful. I feel for you...especially when the injury is probably turning up because of your artistic pursuits. So unfair!

Shellbelle said...

Oh Rita, I'm feeling your pain. I tore my rotator cuff a few years ago and decided against surgery. I did ice treatments and looked up rotator cuff exercises on Google. I started out very slow and only did "range of motion" exercises as far as my pain would allow. It took about nine months and I built up very gradually. Now I still do the exercises to keep my shoulders in shape to avoid injuring it again.

These table weights are wonderful! You come up with the BEST ideas for silverware! Love 'em.

GrayFlannel said...

These are so cute! Such a creative idea.

Sounds like this is an example of where the saying came from about artists suffering for their art :(

My dad had to have the same surgery, so I know what kind of pain you're in. Not fun.

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury and hope you heal quickly!!!!

InMyOwnStyle said...

So sorry to hear about your rotator cuff - that is a painful one - have had two friends who went through it. Hopefully you will heal quickly. Take Care and I hope you feel better soon.

My best- Diane

Annie Louise said...

Ouch!! If it is any consolation they turned out beautiful. Take care, don't overdue. Keeping you my thoughts.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh my! I have the same issue and don't want to have surgery but choose to do physical therapy for now.Ugh! It hurts and if I had to swim to save myself I would drowned for sure.Best of luck love!

Love all your creations and think of you often when I see the things I have bought from you.

Happy Weekend~Cheers Kim

rebecca said...

never thought of that. pretty clever.

Sécia Mischke said...

These are fabulous! Sorry to hear about your ouchie. :(

♥ sécia said...

This really is a great idea.

design elements said...

these are wonderful! creative idea!

I'm so sorry to hear about your injury. hope you heal quickly

warm hugs


Charlene said...

I ADORE THEM! And I hate it that you tore your rotator cuff! My friend is doing rehab for the same thing only she did her's cleaning/purging. At least your reason is prettier! I LOVE the name of your Blog. I am a beach/ocean lover & we just bought a 5th wheel & I'm decorating the bedroom in beach. Can't wait. I need to bookmark you so I can visit often for beach inspiration. I would love to win your give away! Thank you for doing it & I hope your arm is better soon. Stay away from hammers! CHarlene

Anonymous said...

So so sorry you are suffering and hope it heals quickly and without surgery. The table cloth weights are charming. Please don't show any more cute things for a wedding. I can't afford it (grin). Loved the forks I ordered. They are all wrapped and ready to present to the newlyweds at the party. xo

S and O said...

Oww how terrible!
I hope you feel better soon and are able to get back to making your lovely items!
If it's any consultation those tablecloth weights are really pretty :D

Burlap Luxe said...

Rita, this is the most fabulous GIVEAWAY I have ever seen !! you are putting my GIVEAWAY to SHAME !! :)

I FOLLOW YOU GIRL, and you know I do!
Sea Kisses

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Rita,
It is a dear struggle with a torn rotator cuff, I feel your anguish, I was in an auto accident 4 yrs ago and I too tore both my rotator cuffs and they needed surgery yet I chose to hold off, I think the scaring has in ways mended it, now a different prob with them and oh I have to baby them often...I am sure you too know what and how often you can hammer, lift, or push!! I so feel your pain, take care of the shoulders girl we need them! your works of art and creations are divine!!

See you soon :)
PS. The Ice Cream spoons fit right in with our habit of eating ice cream over here :)

Beach House 27 said...

OhWow - I feel your pain - hope you heal quickly. At first I thought you you damaged some kind of tool, then I realized your were talking about yourself. Ha!

LOVE the knife weights -
I'm going to try and put that Ocean Day Button on my blog.


Bunny Terry said...

Love the tablecloth weights AND the ice cream spoons. All the rest as well, but those are amazing! Great post, and I hope you are nearly as good as new by now. . .

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