Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What a mess!

My garage is a nightmare of stuff. 
Me, who used to have closets where clothes hung like headstones according to color and length.
A place for everything and mostly everything in it's place.
Once a month I would do a de-clutter even if it were only a few things.
While I had a lot of stuff it was way, way better organized.
If a towel was folded improperly I would have to fix it.

How I ask, how did I stray?

I always collected things to make things then I stopped making things for at least five years so the need to collect 
things dwindled until there was no more.  
My world didn't have many things that couldn't pull dual duty.

When we purchased our home several antiques didn't fit in it.
I didn't want to part with them. 
DB had stuff I couldn't stand.
The compromise - pick out some new things together.

Then I started making things again. 
Excess shipping supplies were put in the garage.
(Okay, during holiday season tossed into the garage.)

It just seemed to go from there.....

This is just the front of the garage never mind what is up in the rafters!

1) Dress form purchased with intent to recover. Someone scribbled all over the fabric.
2) Picture purchased for the frame.
3) Treasures purchased to sell.
4) Box for recycling center.
5) Regatta Rag™ tote bag stuffed with stuff.
6) Tennis ball so I don't crash into all the junk.
7) Two cartons of stunning presentation boxes.
8) Carved furniture pieces.
9) Work tarp.
10) The coolest antique Kraft wrapping paper stand even the paper on it is old and heavy.
11) An old sled buried behind everything.
12) Box says bubble mailers but it holds boxes.
13) Paper that was in somethings I purchased that gets used to start the fireplaces.
14) A haul of silver plate that I didn't need but ended up purchasing; long story.
15) Box of work stuff.
16) Cool old wood skis I want in the house but has been met with resistance.
17) Heaven only knows what.
18) Clear shrink wrap.
19)  More work stuff.

I noticed a Martha Stewart Living magazine at my parent's home as I picked it up my Mother said oh take it.
While I do not have a building to set up a home keeping space as Martha called it.  I did spy a carton holder in the article by Global supply and thought it might just be the ticket and ordered one.  The unit looked much sturdier then you see in brick and motor stores and it definitely is.

Global shipped it immediately.  It was pretty warm for December and I thought I would put it together myself.  I suggest a second pair of hands so it doesn't take an hour.

I swept out the leaves that had blown in and began putting all shipping items in one area.
I managed to reduce the number of boxes by nine and broke them down for recycling. I decided to put the cart on the side of the garage so I don't have to move the car to see everything.


Doesn't look like a big deal but for me to have everything in one area really is.  I can now get a better idea of supplies I have and what I need to order.  I have to figure out something for the packing peanuts instead of the bags. It is not a crisp and neat as I would like but it will do.

As for the rest, that is another day's project.
At least I found the sled!


jmac said...

Oh girl....I am SO there with you. Been trying to sort out my attic a wee bit..aaaccckkk. And I did go to Lowe's and got 4 huge shelving units for my garage along with about 9 big plastic storage bins. Haven't gotten it all organized yet but I'm praying Dear Lord that I will.
Why oh why does organization get older with age?? heehee...I turn another yr this week a just a wee bit sour about it.!! heh.

La Dolfina said...

Bravo Rita, you done good!!!!!
I bet you feel great, it's a great start!
I bought that same Martha Stewart with the shipping station and felt the same urge to try and copy it. Damn her! She's such a show off!
Happy New Year... If this post is any indication, 2012 is going to be your year!!!!!

Jane said...

Good for you! Now I have to head out to do the same...once I completely pack Christmas away.
The task is daunting!

annechovie said...

Great work, Rita! Congrats. Happy New Year! xo

rjerdee said...

Oh, wow...I hear you!!! It's a constant struggle, this world of things. I don't know why, but things keep finding me, following me around, gathering, ever gathering.

I think what you've done is extremely smart and I'm quite sure it will work for you, both physically and mentally!!

Jo Farmer said...

Bravo. I have very limited space where I am right now and way too much stuff so suffice to say, a clean up is needed. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll get right on it...

Happy New Year

Jo x
Eliza Interiors & Design

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

Well you certainly made good head way...well done!
Just got back from my summer holiday so I'm catching up all the lovely posts I've missed!
Happy New Year to you & may all of your dreams come true in 2012!

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