Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nautical window shopping

A few odds and ends with nautical flair I happened upon recently.

This large old wood spool of rope with more rope and pulleys draped on top of it.

Big wood anchor decorated in all sorts of knots and such.  While not a decoration I cared for I did appreciate the intricate work of making the knots.

I took these photos with my phone so the quality isn't the best but, you get the idea.

 Neat old navigation lantern.

more lanterns

This big vintage lantern was really neat.
It had a big price tag too.

Sailboat model.

Old oars, prop and pulleys.

This white washed hatch table I really wanted.
The old heavy iron trusses in aqua combined with
the white washed wood.....

I was in heaven.  

A different type of spool for smaller rope.
It had more of sisal look about it.

That's it for my window shopping.
Did you find something fun this week?


Everything Coastal said...

Loved your post! These are my favorite - I am big window shopper (sneaky iphone photographer)


rjerdee said...

this may sound strange but my search for kelp noodles in a local grocery store ended yesterday with success! whole foods just opened and they carry them!!! i'm a happy girl!

La Dolfina said...

Love this place!!!
Where is it?

Unknown said...

ohhh that table!! Love at first sight!!!


designchic said...

Love the boat models!!

sealaura said...

haven't thrifted in a while but every first weekend of the month there are a lot of nautical vendors over on South Padre. I think we might check it out again when it cools down a bit.

SunKissed Sisters said...

Love your finds! The anchor could be really cool re-done with shells.

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

You found some great things - I love the table. I think that's the pick of the lot!


Serendipitous Home said...

I think those are all beautiful, each one, if it could speak would tell a great tale of the past.
The boat steals my heart the most.

annechovie said...

Very cool finds, Rita! Hope you're having a great Summer! xo

Anita - Comfy Heaven Throw Pillows said...

I agree with annechovie... really COOL finds, I love the oars, props and pulleys...great blog Rita.

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