Sunday, March 15, 2015

Trying out Herbivore Botanticals Skin Care

This post about my experience trying Herbivore Botantical's skin products is long overdue especially considering I made my purchase on April 6, 2014 and it shipped on April 15, 2014. 

I purchased the facial skin care set via their Etsy shop that consisted of pink clay mask and soap, nourish facial serum and facial toning elixir for $68.00 plus $7.50 shipping. The sea mist sea salt hair spray skin refresher in the lavender waves scent for &18.00 with reduced shipping of $5.50 and the dead sea clay soap for $9.00 with reduced shipping of $2.00.  My grand total was $110.00. 

My receipt indicated since the items were made in small batches it would take 3-6 "business days". I eagerly awaited my order.

 A wonderful whiff of clean greeted me as I opened the box.

I'm a sucker clean looking simple packaging and really like the glass. Herbivore didn't disappoint there!  I admit I also liked how nice the glass bottles looked displayed together.

What did surprise me was the lack of "seals" on the packaging.  That may have changed since my purchase.

 The other was the closures didn't match.  Not a big deal but set up in my all white cabinet the black top stood out like a sore thumb.  
The other issue was the sprayers themselves seemed to be on the wrong bottles.  The hydrate spray for the face came out stronger while the sea mist for my hair I had to keep pumping.  "Sea mist" lavender get's a thumbs up!
The sizing of the soaps was accurate.

I preferred the "pink clay" soap.  It produced a low soft lather and had a nice light scent.

The "pink clay mask" is a powder that you need to mix with water.   The smaller the container you use the better.

I scooped out the power with a plastic disposable knife added some warm water, and stirred with a disinfected metal nail cuticle pusher.

The "pink clay mask" is a very fine powder that needs to be mixed well.  The consistency will be little grainy.
I picked up the mixture with a small spatula and placed it on a stiff bristled "fan" brush to apply it to my face.  It dried fairly quickly and crusty and I removed the mask with facial sponges.  A washcloth will work just fine. For me, some old cosmetic industry training still sticks.
Herbivore's facial "hydrate" spray.  I really like this product.

My absolute favorite product was the 1oz "nourish" restorative facial serum. At the time of my purchase "nourish" by itself it was $36.00 for 1 oz/ 29 ml size.

I also was very pleased with how this product dispensed.  An eye dropper helps keep the product from picking up any residue you might have on your hands.

I was disappointed when I went to purchase "nourish" again that it had been discontinued and replaced with a new formulation called "Phoenix" I wrote to Herbivore expressing my disappointment wishing they had "nourish" and added "Phoenix" to the line up.  It was my hope being a smaller skin care business they might make a batch of  my beloved "nourish" 1 oz size in the round dropper bottle or better yet put back in their product line. 

Here is to hoping Herbivore doesn't change their "hydrate" and "sea mist" sprays.

Herbivore Botanicals are available at their own online site , select retail shops and Etsy.

No compensation of any kind was received from Herbivore Botanicals.  Opinions expressed are based on my personal experience, yours may differ. Photos copyright 2014 beach house living.


Burlap Luxe said...

Oh Rita darling, I have so missed you, and mostly in part my bad for not visiting you. I loved seeing your visit to me, such a wonderful surprise that brought me running over here to see what you are up to, and beauty is what I see.
I so get what you mean when a company uses all the right colour and then for some reason one or two products in their line will mess up all our line up in home we like things to look pure and good.
It would have been great with the spray top have been white, and we as consumers could tell the differences in what we are using we don't need a colored top to colour code what we are using here.

Did you switch out the bottle sprayers to accommodate its spray, perhaps this is something the company needs to address as well. You make this line sound fabulous and with my senstive skin it's something I would so try out and am looking forward to trying out, perhaps the company would be willing for you to do a GiveAway, getting more of their line in the hands of spreading the word.

I most love the bottles being GLASS.... Sea glass might I add :))
Thank you dear for such a beautiful review on this beautifully packaged line.

See you soon, I am off to visit your older posting to catch up on all I have missed out on.

Beauty and grace to your days ahead.


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