Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beach house style gift wrap ribbon how to

Shells, starfish, tulle and twin are still favorites.  This is just another choice to decorate gift boxes, gift bags, vases or tie a few together and make a garland for your tree.  These will also be available in my Etsy Shop.
These are pretty DIY for beach weddings and bridal showers.

Beach style wedding gift wrap Beach House Living 12-09
Beach House Living beach cottage gift wrap beach wedding favors

Materials:  One yard of muslin or linen like I used here.  You can use more than a yard for longer ribbons.  An average size shirt box takes about a yard of ribbon. Ink stamp pads that can be used on fabric.  Rubber stamps such as shells and starfish.  Rubber stamps with deep impressions work best otherwise there is a little trial and error involved.
If you want to tea stain or dye your fabric do it now and let completely dry before cutting into strips.

Instructions are five (5) steps.

1) Lay out your fabric and cut into strips of approx 2.25 wide by one yard (36”) long.  Lay out your strip so the 2.25” width is facing you and cut a little snip lengthwise on each side.  Then pull length wise to get a nice frayed, torn edge look.
Beach House Living beach style gift wrap
2) Ink up your rubber stamp and stamp it on some plain paper to get an idea how much you ink you need to get a nice impression.  Then do the same thing on some scrap fabric.  Once you have an idea how much ink and pressure you need start stamping on your fabric strips.
You can overlap designs and try different colors of inks.   If your going to use the same stamp with a different colored ink wash and completely dry it first.
Copy of Stamped fabric ribbon 12-09 042  3.)  When your done stamping lay out your strip and let completely dry.  You may have to heat set the ink with an iron.
4.) Once your ink is dry scrunch up in your hands  for a softer look.  Use your stamped ribbon to wrap boxes, decorate gift bags, tie some around vases, bunches of flowers, door knobs, backs of chairs, or stacks of books.  You can cover a Styrofoam tree or wreath too….
5.)  Stand back and admire your crafty self.
Beach House Living beach theme gift wrap ribbon 12-09 003


Shorely Chic said...

Such a great idea - I love what you've done here!

Simple Daisy said...

oh my gosh...what a super cute idea!! I think I should try that on some pillows!!

Arabella said...

These are just fabulous! I love them! Thanks for sharing ;O)

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

michelle said...

Just saw these on Maya's blog. I absolutely love them!

bichonpawz said...

Popped over from Maya's blog! What beautiful ribbon! Love it!!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Gorgeous as usual Rita
and that little book of the sea!! how wonderful..

Have a fabulous week.. xxx Julie

Cecilia Mueller said...

Very Upscale! I love the way she has arranged every thing perfectly!

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