Saturday, December 26, 2009

The last minute Christmas

This year holiday everything took a back seat.  Somehow, it turned out to be just fine and not just the decorating part.

Except for 15 paperwhites and a huge wreath on the house there was no decorating this year.   That all changed on Christmas Eve day when we decided to put up a small tree at least.  Both of us went out to do our holiday shopping. Neither of us mentioned getting flowers. My DB picked up some poinsettas.

I picked up two bunches of flowers.  That ended up together when I could not find one of my vases.
Surprising how nice they looked together.
Pottery barn had these birch vase wrappers on sale.
The paperwhites bloomed.
Our "little" 4ft. tree using some of our beachy decorations with a gold table cloth turned tree skirt, along with gold tulle from the fabric stash and a shell and starfish swag pulled off one of the windows wrapped around the base.  Our impromptu tree was complete just before midnight.
What ended up being special about waiting until the last minute was the amount of politeness and helpfulness we both encountered amidst our last minute rushing around. In these times of belt tightening it was a bright spot that cost nothing and we would have missed out enjoying had we done things sooner.


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