Monday, December 14, 2009

In Memory of Lilly. Please adopt from an animal shelter or rescue group first

Lilly, Lil' more affectionally called Little Lilly passed away on December 10, 2009 at the age of  twelve (12).  Lilly lived the first six (6) years of her life in a Missouri puppy mill before she became part of our lives on November 11, 2003 with the help of special volunteer named Sue from Dachshund Rescue of North America.  For weeks and weeks as we looked to add to our family I kept stopping and going back to her page for some reason.  Her short description; Lil' Red, shy but sweet. 

Lilly the day I picked her up 11-11-03.  She didn't want to get in the car . 
Lilly simply accepted her fate without fan fare.

When she was handed to me for the first time I simply could not get over the color of her beautiful golden eyes. As beautiful as they were there was no sadness, timidness, or glimmer of hope in them. Lilly's eyes were void of anything.  It was as if she had no soul at all.

Lilly reminded us to stop and smell the flowers.  May, 2004

As a result of her puppy mill beginnings Lilly wasn't very bright. She didn't really ever learn commands except for sit, and come and sometimes forgot those as well. This was very okay by us because what she did have was the sweetest most accepting disposition of any creature we have ever known. Little children loved petting her ears, and Lilly really liked that. 

Being a good sport on the boat.  September, 2005

It took Lilly almost two (2) years to completely come out of her shell.  We delighted in each step of her progress.  All of our affection never truly healed Lilly. Even though years had gone by we still told her often she would never, never go back to the place she came from.  Lilly would still have setbacks once in awhile that we never could figure what brought them on. 

Holiday card 2008 left to right Noelle, Lilly and newest member Molly since July, 2008.
As you can imagine, getting this photo took some time. 

We may have given Lilly a home but, she gave us so much more. Everyone and every other dog she met, even cats at the vet gravited to Lilly first. It was as if they all knew how special she was.

Lilly November 23, 2009
Little Lilly part of lives November 11, 2003.  In heaven December 10, 2009.

Please, if you are considering adding a dog companion to your family please check your local shelters and rescue groups first. Please do not adopt from a pet store. All of our companions have been rescues in one way or another and we wouldn't trade any of them.  May you be as blessed as we were to find a companion as sweet as Lilly.


MissBliss said...

aw, what a great life you gave her. losing a pet is so difficult... just remember you gave her a wonderful life :)

Karen Burnette said...

Thank you for loving Lilly and giving her the life she so deserved!

Karen Chahrouri
Vice President, DRNA

Simple Daisy said...

Aww...what a story! What have 2 dogs and both are rescue dogs!! L.C. is from the local Humane Society and Ruby we rescued from a family that was just going to let her loose in a park and hope for the best! They are the best dogs in the world!! I think rescue dogs ROCK! They really appreciate what they have been given!
I know L.C., which stands for Last Chance, really appreciates...she was getting ready to be put to sleep b/c she was in the shelter too long:( Glad we took her home!
Take care~

Lara Harris said...

What a wonderful tribute! Both our dogs are rescues, actually from Australia, as my husband is an Aussie...they live here in Michigan with us. Our Taffy was neglected and abused and left to fend for himself on the streets...until he showed up on my husband's doorstep :) I'm with you, adoption is the only option! God bless!

you can see our pups at :)

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