Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Regatta Rags TM makes an Etsy debut

December 1, 2009 marked the day Regatta Rags™ made their Etsy debut.  There was some indecision about listing them on Etsy  because it's a unique idea for boat sails. I worried it would suddenly be everwhere and affect the other line Regatta Bags™.  Now that they are now on Etsy, it made sense to share them here too.

My DB (dearly beloved) and family were very supportive during what I call the research and development stages and offering marketing ideas for the different things dreamed up at all hours of the night....You never know what can happen.  It's good to dream isn't it?

So here they are....

I'm a Regatta Rags™ tag. I was once a boat sail and proudly wear the marks of my adventures at sea.

My new life has me longing to travel once again and I can, with your help. Simply make use of the extra tags I carry and when those have all been used you can make more from other recycled materials to help me realize many more voyages no matter where they may be.

I go well with coastal and cottage decor and fit right in at a beach wedding or party. Use me on gift or bottle of wine or drape me on the back of a chair or door knob.

I have been washed but, may still carry both the scent of salt air and retirement. My creator is the original designer of this idea for boat sails and, if you would like to document my travels just leave a comment on  Beach House Living's blog.

Since I’m a recycled item I am shipped with minimal and/or recycled packaging.

There you have it.  Thoughts, suggestions, and comments are appreciated.


Beach House 27 said...

Great stuff! I'm going over to Etsy to check out what you have...we're having a beach wedding next year - HELP!

I'm following you now -


Beach House Living said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement..We like the craftsmanship of old chandeliers so I'll keep checking your blog. Our dining room is need of a larger one.

A few more beach style tags were listed today Discounts for weddings..

We like old chandeliers

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